Broom Hilda is stitched

bh Okay that’s really just a photoshop picture frame with the ghosties and pumpkins and spider web and spider – she’s really not fully finished.

I had thought about stitching a rectangular border around  the whole thing but then decided that when I make it into a pin pillow, I will make it larger by adding some Halloweenish fabric to one side or around all sides or something – won’t know until I actually get to finishing it but some spooky fabric, and ribbons and some little Halloween charms will make it very cute so decided against the stitched border.

I think I only used one or two called for flosses, changing her dress form blackish gray to purple and the apron, which is two shades of green and was supposed to be a light cream or white shade I decided to change to black.  Her little pantaloons which  just have one row sticking out on the bottom of her dress were also switched from cream to green.

I also changed her skin color – which was a light flesh tone which I didn’t think showed up well –  to a light orange tone.  Who ever heard of a pumpkin head having flesh colored skin, right?! 🙂  And the little pumpkin, which was originally stitched in whatever white/cream color I was using, wasn’t showing up either.  I backstitched the outside edges in the light orange and it didn’t help so I just stitched over it again (yes some people will gasp in horror at my simply stitching over the light color and not ripping it out but those are people closely associated with groups like “Quilting Police” and “Stitching Police” who are banned in my world)  with the light orange, and if I hadn’t told you,  you wouldn’t have noticed it anyway.  🙂   My stitching on Lugana needs some work to get the stitches all even, but for a first effort on that fabric, I think she turned out really cute.  I just need to not pull my stitches as tightly as I do on Aida and I also found that working the cross in a somewhat different order than I normally stitch, helps not to pull the Lugana threads off kilter.

So after I finished this last night I went back to the Saltbox house I had started and got all the roof done.  Not sure what I’ll stitch on tonight.