Border is done!

9-1-21 changed world

Nearly finished!  I finished adding in the blue centers to all those little yellow flowers in the border during my lunch hour and started on that corner block in the upper right.  Those corner  blocks are probably my least favorite things to stitch – not sure why but I think its just that I’m not crazy about the color combination used in them but just one more to go and the  basket below it.

I may switch back to stitching on Broom Hilda for this evening tho or some other small project in the works.  After a marathon of stitching all those border flowers I need a break from this project.

5 comments on “Border is done!

  1. Looking really good! Worked on my stained glass piece but I’m really slow. Between vision problems and neuropathy in my stitching hand it’s frustrating but I keep at it when I’m not quilting.

  2. Looks great Denise, I am still working on the top section. I used to think I worked pretty fast until I saw how you, Judy and Jo worked 🙂

  3. Looks wonderful! When I see your progress it gets me excited to finish mine! I’m working on the flowers for the greenery band. Have all the green finished and now filling in the flowers. I’m dreading filling in the border with the little flowers. I have the zigzags. I really like how you finished the bottom word box. I’m still pondering what I’m going to do there.

    • The border flowers aren’t real exciting to stitch but it’s the same thing over and over so at least I didn’t have to be consulting a chart while doing them.

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