Another unexpected stitching day – 9-27-21

I’ve got another day all to myself and so far have accomplished very little.   I restitched the area of green on the right side that I had gotten off on to correct that.   I also decided (since I want to be like friend Judy) 🙂  that I needed to order some fun floss tags to one of these days get all my DMC floss on rather than just having all the hanks tossed in a container to root thru.  When I do pull them for a project, I do (most times) get them on a floss drop right away.  Maybe fun floss tags will help me to sit down and do a bunch all at one time.  So I can show you my progress on Let it Snow and the photo I used for one of my sets of floss tags all in one – here it is

floss tag 1   I had lied in my prior blog post – I thought I had finished the black line border all the way around the piece (I didn’t have it in front of me) – but no I had only done the left side and top because I wanted to start on the pine bow section at the top.

I have now finished that black border all around and have all thre green from the left corner mid right side done.  I’m jumping around to put in all the green (working on fence line at the bottom this afternoon) because I didn’t have a full skein of the color I’m using for that and want to see if I need to order another or if I’ve got enough.  I do really like this color green so I will definitely replenish it on some future floss order.

I changed the color of the sledding child’s  scarf and pompom on the stocking cap to red rather than black.   That little sledding part would make such a cute ornament all on its own.


Then because two is always better than one (at least in this case), I created a second floss tag with the Berry Bird in the tart tin which I just love.

floss tag 2I was going to start winding and putting the DMC for the Lincoln Sampler on tags but think I will have to wait to use these.   I’m not starting that project until November – anyone else starting on the Lincoln Sampler anytime soon?

And here’s the other charts that arrived last week that I hadn’t shown yet.


The women’s expression seems be be “take the photo quick – these pumpkins are heavy!”. They are too funny.

vignette shrine  The next two charts I got with this in mind.  Back last winter when I was on the hunt for sleds, I cane across this vignette shrine box and thought it would be great as a manger with a cross stitch creche scene inside it.  I’ve also seen it painted with a Santa standing inside like it was a house. I bought one and have it safely hidden away somewhere.

I previously got a pdf chart that I thought would look good in it but I’m not sure I am loving the stained glass style of it.

stained glass

These are the other two contenders but I need to sit down with all of them and figure out if I can make them fit into the space.   Mother and Child I saw stitched up on a floss tube and it was so gorgeous.  Lots of backstitching in the background but such a lovely design.  I’m actually thinking I may need to stitch that and not put it in the shrine.


The other chart is one that I could stitch the full version of the stitch (shown in the frame) to use in the shrine but it may be too small.  But I did get this chart because it will also work for stitching and putting on the sleds.  Sorry for the blurry photo – it was taken thru the plastic and I didn’t feel like going outside to take another shot of it.


October Sampler Finished

I thought I’d never get those vines stitched in October Sampler.  I had said I would get it finished last night and after I put in the last stitch and looked at the clock, it was exactly 12 AM. Whew just made it!   I can’t believe September is nearly over and it  is soon be October.

october sampler

And since I happen to have written all this info on my chart here’s the scoop:  Chart is October Sampler by Threadwork Primitives.  Fabric is from ToDyeForFabrics (Etsy shop and their fabrics are probably my favorite), it is 14 court, and it is a OOAK color so only is identified as #1.   I used none of the called for floss (and I changed color placement around a bit) since I used all Victorian Motto flosses from their Autumn in Vermont collection.   The stitched area of this piece measures about 12″ x 6″.   I thought I had a frame to fit but it’s about an inch too small – darn – will have to order one.  I added an extra color to the mix – the dark burgundy  – and used that for the alphabet letters for my initials, the year and in two of the divider borders in the middle.  And may I say it one last time (well not one last time because I will probably say it when I show the final finished (framed) piece — I LOVE everything about this stich – the chart, the colors I used and the fabric I chose.

So I was still wide awake at midnight when I put the last stitch above so decided to grab a couple flosses, and a piece of fabric and start on The Prairie Schooler “Let It Snow” which had been calling to me all day. So just a bit of a start – the border is done all the way around and got a few pine boughs in.

let it snow

This fabric is another OOAK color identified as #2 from ToDyeForFabrics and I decided to use 14 count which will make this design about 5″ x 8″.  I just pulled colors I liked – DMC310 (black), Weeks: Monkey Grass (green) and the other two are Gentle Arts: Chalk and Buckeye Scarlet.   And since I have to order frames, I’ll order one for this as well.

I’ll be doing some more stitching on this this afternoon but I have one heck of a mess of new charts and flosses and who knows what buried underneath on my stitching chair table that I will clear off into a box and deal with organizing it later this week or next weekend – just not in the mood at the moment – since I need to get a few other tasks done today.

Stitching Mail Saturday 9-25-21

Oh my – I thought I would be done with the October Sampler stitch by now.  I finished the bottom of it last night where I had been debating what words to put in that bottom section and when I got that all stitched and took it out of the hoop to admire — well shoot ! I still had the flowers in the upper and left border to add and the little vines in those sections.    So I got to work and there’s a lot of stitches in those border fill ins.  I just finished all the flowers late afternoon today and just have the vines left so should be finished tonight.  Had to stop stitching to get a few other things done.

Yes, I will finish those vines tonight BUT….. I’m really wanting to start on something new and that Prairie Schooler Let It Snow is staring me in the face from the table.  So all my plans as to what I want stitch  and when may be adjusted…. maybe….

Especially since this was delivered to my door this afternoon.  It’s my order from Colorado Cross Stitcher.


In that package was the fabric I wanted to try for Let it Snow, and then that’s that 2016 Prairie School Santa that came with it, needles, some Lady Dot mini pompom trim in navy, and the Threadworks Primitives Let it Snow chart (Let it Snow is a not uncommon name for charts), and also included was the cute little needle minder at the bottom with the shop logo on it.

I also received a second package – some fabrics I had ordered from an Etsy shop I had ordered from once before and I have mixed feelings about this order.   The fabrics are very pretty but when I saw these I remembered in my prior order several months ago there were one or two fabrics of the four or five I had in that order  that didn’t really look like the image on the website.  Since I hadn’t ordered them for any specific project it didn’t really matter.  Now I know that computer monitors can make it look different, some shops only show the fabric on one base and different bases of linen/aida take the dye differently so that can account for a difference in the actual fabric, but only one of three of this order looks like the images.  One I think is because of the difference of how aida takes dye – it’s a much lighter version without as many darker shades running thru it. One was also marked the wrong stitch count so was not the count aida I had ordered.   I didn’t have a project for the one that is not the count I ordered and just wanted it for some smalls so it will be fine since  I really didn’t have a rhyme or reason for which color I got in which count..   I will use them all but I was really looking forward to one of the colorways which in the piece I got looks absolutely nothing like the original photo.  These are all fat 1/8 cuts, Mary Mack – brownish solid and Alchemy lightest color are 14 count and the grayish fabric is 14 count.  That grayish (has sort of green undertones to it)  might need to be a halloween background or I was thinking of pulling some floss for the Prairie Schooler Let it Snow  – I think that might look good on the greenish/gray fabric.


Of Pumpkins and Pilgrim

Pumpkin w ith cross stitch mounted on front

I love how this project turned out.   The chart is one of the designs from The Prairie School “Acorns” chart that I modified just a bit to fit the size I needed and is stitched on 20 count aida.  I got the pumpkin from LuckyLadyDecor -it’s the medium size one  5″ x 6″ overall so that front piece is about 3″ x 4″.   I had some Lady Dot Creates (also an Etsy shop or sold thru many cross stitch shops and other etsy needlework shops)  chenille in the color Motherlode which was the perfect match for this pumpkin.


The cross stitch looks tilted in the photo above but it’s just the angle I took the photo at.  But this was a pretty quick project to final finish.  I used a piece of chip board, traced from the paper template I had previously talked about creating, checked it against the wooden cutout and against my stitched piece – holding it behind the stitching and using my stitching light to illuminate it from the back so I could see the outline of the board to make sure it was the right size for the stitching.  Traced the board onto the back of the stitching and cut out about 3/8 – 1/2″ outside that line and ran a basting stitch with heavy duty thread about 1/4″ from edge.   Put a couple pieces of 2-sided acid free stitchery tape on one side of board. Placed that face down on a piece of Warm & Natural batting to adhere to the batting.  Trimmed the batting even with the board. Centered stitching, cinched up the edges making sure it was centered and smooth around the edges and then laced up the back.   Used Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue (I have a “Tacky Pack” that I got from Amazon that has 5 bottles of various kinds of Aleene’s glue – don’t know that any one is better than another but thought I’d see which I like best and much better than using hot glue).  Put the pumpkin stitch side down on a towel and set a 5 lb. bag of sugar on top of it for about 15 minutes.  Then just ran a line of glue around the edge (I had about 1/4″ of wood exposed around the stitched piece) and glued the chenille around it.  Pretty darn easy to finish off.

I also finished the stitching on my Peregrine Pilgrim small – this design is  a bonus chart included with Twin Peaks Primitives “The First Thanksgiving” chart.  He turned out rather cute if I do say so myself.  The stitched area (border to border) is 2-3/8″ x 3.5″.   The fabric  14 ct Aida left over from October Sampler.  I must say I got two other pieces of aida when I ordered this one from ToDyeForFabricsNMore and I love the feel of it and the way her dyed fabrics are mottled (overall mottling to keep it not looking solid but not just random splotches here and there).  So may places have very little hand dyed Aida – much more linen – so it was nice to find a spot that has all kinds of color choices.  Some are ready to ship and others are dyed after you order.  No affiliation but a happy customer and I will definitely be getting more aida from that shop in the future – especially when I want different colors.  Most she shows with the DMC floss skein on top of it to compare it to (and also dyes  lugana and linen).


I want to do a pillow finish but think I will add a piece of fall fabric to the side of him, with some ribbon or rick rack trim to make it a bit larger.

I also want to try the actual acorn shape finish on a pillow so am thinking the squirrel design – fall season but not specific holiday.  I do also like the cornucopia but I have these cute teeny tiny metal acorn charms that would look cute attached to the squirrel so I think that one will win out.


An unexpected stitching day

I ended up with basically a 3-day weekend this week so what to do today? Stitch of course!   I did do a few chores this morning – ordered groceries for delivery which should be delivered within the next hour, cleaned the fridge out, started some laundry, and then decided it was time to stitch.

Before I get to the stitching (and possibly – wink, wink –  new additions to my collection of charts), the most recent Flash Chart Adoption (FCA) has ended for the chart “I Will Always Be A Wildflower.”  Congratulations Jill, I have emailed you.  Again a reminder – the last 2 or 3 FCAs had people leaving comments that clearly read as if  they wanted to be included in the adoption but they DID NOT follow the rules so their comment was not included in the participants because it did not include the required words/phrase.  I say it every time I post a FCA – please read those rules so you know what to do.  Just leaving a comment you’d like to stitch the chart does not do it.

Okay – this morning I put the final stitches in  “Peregrine Pilgrim.”   I do still need to add the simple line border around him and will work on that when I get off the computer.   I didn’t use any of the called for flosses.  The floss in the photo is what I think I will use for the border line.


A package of goodies arrived today.   Don’t you love it when you come across a Visa Gift Card you thought you spent and when you check the balance you haven’t used it at all. I’ve done that twice  now.  I think they were x-mas presents from last year and of course I haven’t been to any stores so forgot about them.  So, of course, I immediately spent the last one I found at 123Stitch.  I’m still waiting for part of this order to come in but the first part of it did. Two small pieces of fabric, both Picture This Plus. 123Stitch has several choices of fabric size – not everyone has the smallest size I like to order which is  8″x12″ pieces of some of them for smalls rather than having to get larger pieces, since on smalls I’ll  use a variety of colors but in larger sampler types not as wide a range of colors.  Also smaller pieces are  good to see what the color is in real life before ordering larger pieces.

This is 16 count Heroic.  A neutral with very pale red and blue splotches – more like sort of veins of color at random mixed in.  I think it will be a patriotic small or two.


And this is a bit darker in real life and reminds me of gingerbread.


As for the new chart collection additions.  You know I never met a Prairie Schooler chart I didn’t like – especially the older Santa stuff.  So I finally ordered Let It Snow  – I love everything about this chart, well, except the green snowman.  My snowman will NOT be green – that’s just plain unnatural! LOL  I will do it on a color of fabric so that a white snowman (or cream or some other white-ish color) will show up.  If I stitch it on 18 count it would only be about 4 x 6 stitched area so am undecided if I should stitch it a bit larger or not – and unlike other Prairie Schoolers, this calls for overdyed threads, which I’ll just be pulling from my stash.


Little House Needleworks does some of my favorite houses.   It’s called Lantern Lane and I have been wanting to buy it since I first saw it.  The windows on the house are so cutely done, I love the tree and the way it it is made up of “clumps”  – for lack of a better word – of stitches; of course there are cardinals and I love the fence and the cornerstone that has the year.  Okay, yes I love everything about this one too!    I think Jack Frost’s Tree Farm project has gotten pushed back a bit (that’s more winter than just Christmas) and after I figure out where I’m at with all my sled stitching and once I have all the gifting ones stitched, I will probably start on Let it Snow with the hopes of having it finished before Christmas.

The last thing I got was a holiday chart too but in non-typical holiday colors, which is what I think drew me to it.  It doesn’t scream Christmas although clearly it is but its one I think I would leave up all year.


Isn’t that church scene so pretty.  I liked it all so much that I ordered all the floss for it right away – all DMC.  (That’s the other reason 123Stitch is convenient to use – with one click you can add all the floss for a specific chart into your cart instead of having to add them one by one — and no, not affiliated with 123Stitch in any way – just a customer.   The downside, what you put in your cart is not always in stock.  Sometimes it tells you in your cart it is out of stock, sometimes not so you don’t necessarily know until your order has been shipped what might be missing/backordered so I have a love/hate relationship with that issue which mostly pertains to floss.) There are three other companion type samplers but this one is called Silent Night Sampler.


Sneaky designers

I had posted this chart yesterday as I had received it in the mail.  See that little pilgrim man on the lower left by the wooden spools.


I didn’t realize he was a separate extra chart contained in the chart booklet for this design.  It’s hard to make out (even if you have the cover photo of the chart right in front of you, that he’s holding a cornucopia of fruit in front of him.  The colors in the cornucopia are all real dark and sort of meld together.    Well about 10PM last night I decided I wanted to stitch him.  Got a piece of fabric, 18 count same fabric as I had used for the crow/pumpkin I had just finished stitching and started.  After a few stitches of the top of his hat I decided the 18 count would have made him too small.  I want him small but not that small.  So grabbed the leftover piece from the fabric I’m stitching October Sampler on and managed to get his hat, head, beard and black part of his shirt stitched last night.  This morning before work I got the cornucopia nearly stitched (just the basket type part of it not the fruits) and realized I had goofed in one spot so got nearly all that ripped back before having to leave for work.  I’m thinking I might be able to finish him tonight so I’ll wait to post a photo of him when he’s done.    I’ve named him Peregrine Pilgrim (Peregrine being one of the top five most unique baby names for Pilgrim boys – yes Google told me that).


And I found another chart for a Flash Chart Adoption – read the rules at the top of the blog header for how to participate and what you need to do.  This is one I started stitching many years ago but it’s not something I have any interest in stitching now. The buttons may or may not come with it – there’s a butterfly and maybe a caterpillar – but I can’t remember whether I used them on something else or not.

09-24-21 at 2:50PM  Flash Challenge has ended.  Congratulations Jill!

Happy First Day of Fall 2021

Today truly does  feel like the first day of Fall outside coincidentally.  Temps which had been in the upper 80s just a few days ago – well it is 60 our right now and there’s a crispness to the air.  I love days like this – – except for it getting darker earlier.  Since I was working from home I had the door propped open to let in the fresh air (until the lawn moving service showed up and the sounds of birds in the woods was replaced with the noise from them).

Friend Judy posted on her blog that the Colorado Cross Stitcher was officially open for business – that is the brand new cross stitch shop created by Sheri, the owner of The Loopy Ewe.  I knew it was opening soon but didn’t realize it had happened.  Physically it’s located in  part of The Loopy Ewe brick and mortar shop, but it has its own separate website.  So had to place an order to cheer Sheri on in this expansion of her shop!  She also has a flosstube under the same name.

As for my stitching, well I finished off this little stitch and hope to get it mounted on the front of the little pumpkin this weekend.  There’s one little thing I may want to change on it but it is basically done.  The only tricky part will be getting my oval sticky board or chip board cut smoothly to fit the front of the pumpkin.  Can’t wait to see this finished.




 Today’s mail brought the other preorder chart I had ordered as part of  the most recent Needlework Expo.   A cute winter chart (and winter lasts a long time here) so I need to have lots of winter stitches I think! 


It’s called Up on the Housetop from Teresa Kogut.   

I’m going to have to find the right piece of fabric for it.

And the other chart that came along for the ride I do have all the floss and  I think even the fabric for – The First Thanksgiving.   Just love this chart.

September 21, 2021

The pumpkin is filled in, it has a stem and I’m adding two gold blossoms and I think I have room for one large green leaf.  I changed the shape of the stem in order to make sure I could fit everything in I wanted.


I took a piece of dark blue craft paper – a bit heavier than normal copy paper – and put it over the section of the wood pumpkin I want to mount this stitched piece on.  Creased all the edges of the oval into the paper and then cut on those creases to get the template size for the front of the pumpkin.  I can then place that piece of paper behind my hoop and shine my stitching light from the back of the piece so I can see the outline of the template and know that I am not stitching outside the available space.

Remember my package that the tracking says went to Jamaica (and allegedly was in Jamaica the day it arrived at my door) well I’ve been waiting for a different package that says it arrived at “destination processing” in my city on Sept. 12 and says it’s still there. I have no idea what day it actually arived in my mailbox since I don’t wander to the other side of the apartment complex often to get my mail (which is mostly junk mail in the mail box anyway) but decided to stop there on the way home from work today to see if may be it had been delivered. Yes indeed it had!

These are vintage prints of postcards printed on fabric. They come with a paper backing on them that you peel off before using them but it keeps them wrinkle free thru the mail. The colors are rich and so pretty and I absolutely love the graphics on old postcards. These came from Doodaba on Etsy – she was super quick to ship (they just got delayed in the mail system) and I will definitely order again from that shop. Most of them you also have a choice of sizes to get them in. I ordered just for the upcoming holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas – but there are so many options available.


I love that big turkey.  That one is about 8″ x 10″ and the others I ordered are all 4″ x 6″.  He is going to be a little pillow with just one fall fabric on the back and some sort of trim around the edges.   The rest I will either make into little pillows/ornaments with coordinating fabric on the back.  I had originally planned to use these as fabric for the back of some cross stitched pin pillows but I love these so much I may need to have these images showing and mix them in with the cross stitch finishes.

Halloween  – the bottom one is so cute pumpkin head and owl – love the colors in that one.


and Christmas.  The nativity one doesn’t show up as gorgeous as it truly.  Love the ornament with the little town/church in it and I know the purple santa will be made into an ornament for a friend.   Such fun!


fooled you….

And you thought I was going to show you the October Sampler yet again.  Nope, not today.  You won’t see it again until it’s totally finished because even I’m tired of posting progress photos on it.  🙂

But I did start on the Prairie School Acorn.  This is the stitch I plan to mount on the front of the little pumpkin.


And yes, another image of the pumpkin because I think they are just so absolutely adorable.   I’m stitching this on 20 count aida I got from MyVintageNeedleworks on Etsy and the color is Caramel Creme.  It’s a great color with some slightly darker speckled area (or at least speckled in the small piece I cut off my very large piece.


So I pulled out some floss – I love the Weeks Dye Works color “Carrot.”  It’s not a bright halloween orange (which I didn’t want for this since my pumpkin is actually golden) but it reminds me of orange Dreamsicles (and of course now I really want one of those!)


The crow is done.  I moved the pumpkin over to the right a few stitches so it didn’t stick out beyond the crow’s tail since I want it to be more condensed.  And I’ll have to see how many pumpkin leaves if any get added.  Once I get the pumpkin base stitched I’ll trace the from piece of the pumpkin to see how much room I have to play with.

Another October Sampler update

Here’s where I left off stitching Friday night on

October Sampler

October Sampler by Threadwork Primitives

And here’s  where I left off in the wee hours of this morning.


As you can see from the chart image below, that lower space is supposed to have  Oct. 1845 in it.

twp october samplerA quick search didn’t really find anything of significance for that month and year.  The Oct makes sense since the chart is called October Sampler but the year is likely random.  I may just put my initials and the the current year or maybe just the year and extend the vines on each side.  Maybe just the word October spelled out?  Not sure what I will end up with in that space but 1845 won’t be included.  What would you put in there?

One of today’s things I want to get to is to figure out what to stitch to mount in the center of this wee pumpkin.

luckyladydecor That front oval measures 3″ x 4″ so not a huge space.  I think I may try to fit the crow and pumpkin design from the Prairie Schooler Acorns chart.  If I stitch it on 20 count it should work – I may have to adjust placement of a leaf or two or leave them off but  I’ll cross that  bridge stitch when I get to it. 🙂

At some point I’d also like to get some of those other charts (the tree with the pilgrims is really cute for fall as well as the squirrel and cornucopia) finished into the acorn shapes – the finishing instructions and pattern for shape are all included in the chart as well as the large leave shapes behind them.