Friday Update – 8-20-21 A Changed World

Time for the A Changed World SAL update.  Remember Judy and Jo and I are stitching along on this chart so you can check out their progress on their blogs. 

I have made really great progress this week since I picked this back up last Sunday – maybe Sunday – I can’t remember what day I switched back to this project. But, I finished off the top – all except the upper left flower square in the order and the basket of flowers below it. I wanted to stitch the zig zag part of the border down the left side and then, decided to just finish that border across the bottom and low and behold it worked out! Of course I had been checking it at intervals to make sure it was lining up right. Then then put in the bird/flower on one side of the bottom and started the words on the bottom.




I changed the color of the bird in the bottom section to match all the gray birds I had used in the upper section.

I also changed the words in the bottom section to black. That bottom section was supposed to look like this.

It was supposed to be white lettering with that black box background around it.  I didn’t care for that – it just seemed to overpower that section so I’m doing the words in black and trying to figure out what color I want the border around the words to be.  It’s hard to see the border around the black square in the chart image because it is done in white.  I need to use some other color for that border area.


I also need to go back and add all the little flowers between each zig zag in the border – they are white and a light aqua in my color changes and I only have a few of those done on one side but I’ll save those till last.  I’m hoping to get all the lettering on the bottom and may be the other flower/bird section done tonight since my plan is to stitch to the wee hours of the morning.   My dinner order has been placed for delivery and I can now change out of the work clothes and get comfy for an evening of stitching.  Here’s some close ups of this stitch.

A Changed World – 8-17-21

I picked this project back up on Sunday night and worked on it last night also and finished off the row with the flowers and started on the words.

I wasn’t sure about my floss color choices – they are similar to the called for colors but I wasn’t sure if they would all play together nicely and I just love them. I especially love the vine and flower row. I did make a change to that row. Those flowers are supposed to have one stitch in white at the tip of each bud. The red flowers across the top are also supposed to have three white stitches in them. On the red flowers I changed the 3 stitches to the bright yellow which you can’t really see in my photo but trust me – it does show up. I new the white stitch at the tip of each of the other three-bud flowers would not show up so I just did that stitch in the same color as the bud for each. And I went a bit rogue with the colors of the flowers in the basket – I used a lighter and darker shade of teal and in the middle of the basket the same blue as in the house. If I would change one other thing (and I’m not ripping it out to do so) the brown in the basket is kind of blah – I think I would have liked it better in black but I can live with the brown. And actually, if I were doing it again (which I am not) I might just leave those baskets off entirely. I’m hoping to get the rest of the lettering at the top done tonight and may be fill in a bit of the border.

Mid August Already?

Where has half the month of August gone? It doesn’t seem like it should be August 15 already.   Finally we have some lovely weather – no humidity and it’s mid 70’s at the moment.  So for once I didn’t have to worry about my camera lens fogging up when I walked outside to take some photos.

Here’s where I am on the project I’ve currently been stitching on.  This is stitched on 16 count aida and as  I mentioned before Judy and I were having a conversation about what count aida do I use 2 strands on and what’s the largest count I use one strand on.  I had always used 2 strands on 16 count ((and heck I think I used to use 2 strands on 18 count many years ago in my last cross stitching life).  I now, in this current reincarnation of my cross stitch life)  use 1 strand on 18 and love it and, after our conversation, decided to experiment on this piece.   The birds, band on the bottom and the house I was doing with 2 strands so the house will be finished with 2 strands.  But the pots, pet, vines and strawberries (I was getting very tired of stitching strawberries last night but finished them all) are all done in 1 strand and I really like it on 16, so I may never use  strands on 16 count again.


Sunday Chart Adoption —  Last Sunday’s  Farmhouse Christmas packet of charts goes to Liz.  So Liz email me privately with your mailing address and I’ll get all those charts in the mail to you.  This Sunday’s charts up for adoption, as I mentioned yesterday, will be the charts from the Amish series by designer Marilyn Leavitt-Inblum that I don’t intend to stitch.  I finished framing four of them yesterday that I had previously stitched and have 9 total finished and framed (tho I need to take some glass out of two  of them that were framed long ago.)   So I think 9 will fill my bedroom wall nicely and I have too many other things I want to stitch.  There’s also one Lavender & Lace chart (by same designer) I’m passing along as well since it was passed to me in the early 90’s and I’ve never stitched it.

If you don’t know how my Sunday Chart Adoptions work – click the link in the header bar of the blog for Chart Adoption Info.  Please read that and it tells you how to become a possible adopter of the charts I am passing along to others free of charge.  So here are the charts up for adoption today – photos are a bit fuzzy since these are unopened charts and taken thru the plastic but you can easily find photos of them on line if you want to see them more clearly.   They are Grandfather’s Barn, Home of a Quilter, Grandmother’s House, Strawberries Forever, and  Simple Gifts which is a bell pull (and that one is not in the original packaging as it was passed on to me by someone else but the chewed off corner of the photo is courtesy  of my puppy at the time but chart is unscathed).     The necessary Keyword is below each image.











Also one other chart – Enchanted Alphabet  This one was passed on to me many years ago and is missing the color photo that goes with it so is just the chart.  But click the link and you can see what it looks like.  It would be so sweet in a little girl’s room and I just love the multicolored alphabet.  Keyword: Enchanted.

So remember to follow the rules of adoption and check back next Sunday to see if you have been selected to adopt.


One more for the framing marathon

As I was updating the 2021 Finishes page (see link at top of blog main page) I realized I hadn’t finished framing Ever So Grateful.  So quickly got that one framed today as well.


Whew! a good day’s work of framing – five projects in total.  And now since I forgot to start dinner earlier, I just placed an order for delivery since I don’t feel like cooking at this point. 🙂

So now everything that is to be framed, has been framed, with the exception of two small winter projects.  I just didn’t feel like doing those today.  There’s still some smalls and that one to go on the hornbook to finish but all the actual framing is caught up for a while.

So not counting all the Amish themed projects that I really didn’t stitch in 2021, I still have  21 projects that I have started and finished in 2021 so far – most are small but I’m amazed myself as I was gathering all the photos.  So check out the 2021 – All the Finishes page to see them all.

Now to go get some stitching time in while I wait for my dinner.

Saturday Framing Marathon

Well I posted in my prior post today the fully finished Amish themed stitch The Harvest – part of a series I started long ago.  And said that I had two more that I might try to get framed this weekend.   Well since I had all the framing supplies out, I decided I might as well continue and the the other two done today.   Then, when I was digging thru the stuff piled on the sewing room table (yes piled!) I found the third one I needed to frame too.

The sewing room is now a bigger mess due to pulling out Warm and Natural Scraps to cut pieces to put between my stitchery and the foam core board, tossing pieces aside that weren’t big enough – yeah I’m not so tidy in the midst of a project but figured since I know that room needs a thorough cleaning, make the mess now and then I can put all the batting, extra frames, etc. back all at once.  So here they are – all Told in a Garden Designs – and all stitched in 1997.

Schoolhouse Sampler. Love all the little detains in this one – the trees in the distance, the white boys and girls outhouses on either side of the school along the back fence line, the swing set, water pump, but I love the colors of all the boys and girls standing by the fence or sitting on it and the different colors of their clothing.


The Song of a People


Love the barn with the quilt on it and I really like the design of the house with the flower beds around it.

And lastly, The Quilting.  The chart  just says “The Quilting” on it but I added the word “Bee” to the end.

The Quilting Bee

I love the ladies on either side of the quilt they are quilting on and that little girl sitting on the bench at the end.  The other thing I really liked about these patterns, in an era where lots of backstitching was the norm when I was originally stitching these projects, these have very little backstitching – just swing set ropes or parts of buggies but no outlining around other things which of course adds to the simplicity of the look.

I previously had three framed that have been hanging on my bedroom wall.  They had glass in them. I removed the glass from one, and I just need to remove the glass from the other two.  One of those frames has an issue so I may  have to reframe it if I can’t fix it.  But once those are set to rehang, I will have a total of 9 framed pieces of this series done. YES NINE!!!   And I have decided nine is enough.  I decided these will hang on my bedroom wall, not the living room, since they are of a different feel than what I am stitching on now.  Of course that means I want to move where my bed is to a different wall, which entails all the normal hassle of moving a bed in a not huge room trying to avoid the other furniture in it, and plus it’s up on bed risers so having to move those and take out the under-bed storage containers.   And if I’m going to have to move the bed – best to move the sections completely out of that room so I can clean the carpet in there while I’m at it before putting everything back.  Yep – don’t expect to see these on the wall in the immediate future – all that sounds like a winter project.

But, I think I have 3 or 4 charts in the stash that I had saved  for “someday” when I want to finish this series that I won’t be stitching so those will get added to tomorrow’s Sunday Chart Adoption day offerings.

The Harvest — Framed

This is one of those projects that I had stitched long ago before I stopped cross stitching and moved on to quilting so it’s been waiting since 2005 to be framed.  After I got this one all framed I realized I had the wrong year stitched in it!    I had two  that I had finished long ago that I hadn’t stitched the year in so was adding those last night since I wanted to remember to put the year on before I ever framed them.    I knew when they were both finished but when I actually stitched the year I reversed them and put them on the opposite project they should be on.  DUH – I’m not going to take this all apart and  change it.   But too funny because The Harvest chart wasn’t even available the year on my project.

It was also a pistol to frame because way back when I had spilled something on it and had soaked it.  Whatever I had spilled came out but that made the fabric sort of shrink or the floss shrink so it was sort of skewing the fabric where the more dense stitching was.  But I finally got it straightened out.

The frame I ordered had a goldish/copper inner edging and was distressed looking with scratches on it where that gold/copper showed through the black so I was really hoping it would look good with the gold and gold/green colors in the tree.   I think it’s perfect!

harvest frame 

My favorite parts of this are the woman canning on the porch, the pie in the window, and the tree with the swing on it.  And of course the quilt hanging on the line – all charts in this series have one or more quilts in them.  My least favorite – all the color changes/counting involved when doing that big bed of plants/flowers on the left.

the harvest

I have two more from this series lined up to finish the framing on either today or tomorrow so stay tuned…..

Friday the 13th – a Changed World Progress – really

Okay I lied in my prior post – while I was waiting for a grocery delivery, I grabbed my camera and took some photos of the frame I had chose for A Changed World. No stitching done on this project since last Friday.

Yes it’s sideways but the photo is just to show the frame. It has this great round knobs all the way around it but I think that will complement the stitch.

Here’s what I’ve been stitching on this week – Strawberry House by The Scarlett House.

Judy and I might have been talking the last couple days about different kinds of fabric I might have recently ordered, along with maybe some charts and some floss and ….. well in those conversation she had asked what the largest count Aida I would use one strand of thread on rather than two strands since she normally is a linen stitcher and I stitch on Aida. 22 count, 20 count, and 18 count I use one strand on. I couldn’t remember if I had ever tried 16 count with one stitch. Strawberry house I am doing on 16 count so I decided to do an experiment. Band below the house (I love the band – those colors are so rich) and the house I’m using two strands on. But I decided to change to one strand for the dog (some of you might think that’s a cat but I’m not a cat person and highly allergic to them so I’m calling it a dog whether it really is or not) 🙂 and the pots with strawberry vines growing out of them I’m going to stitch with one strand. Of course the stitching on the dog and pot are not as dense as the house but I think I might use just one strand on 16 count from now on. My preferred stitch count is 18 count for most things but 16 or `14 I could easily do in a car, on a bus, in a train in the rain (okay channeling Dr. Seuss there for a moment) – but you get the idea. 18 count would be a bit too small for me to stitch in a moving vehicle although I don’t need magnification to stitch on it I do need a good light.

And I have to share one interesting piece of Aida I have ordered. See that top piece of Aida – it has that design printed on it. I’ll have to come up with the right patriotic design to stitch under it. Can’t wait to see it in person to decide if it was a good purchase or maybe not so good…..

Now to go open that package with the remaining two frames I ordered that was delivered today. Custom Frame Solutions always packages the frames so well it takes ages to cut through all the tape, cardboard, packing wrap, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, etc. I’m glad they package so carefully but it’s not a quick package to open. The frames in that box are for two of the Amish themed prints I had stitched many years ago.

A Changed World Friday Progress report

Actually I have no progress to report. I’ve been stitching on something else this week. I DID get the frame for it yesterday tho and it will be perfect I think. Photos of that will be posted tomorrow because I need to switch to my own laptop to post those (I’m just punched out of work but still on the work laptop at home).

And two more frames arrived today but I haven’t torn that box open yet. And, tomorrow I’ll report on all the charts that darn Judy talked me into ordering again (okay – she really didn’t talk me into it because I had looked at it before but she pointed me to the Flosstube where I could see it stitched and that clinched it!). And then I went a bit crazy from there with some fabric ordering and a few more charts. What fun once they start to arrive! 🙂

I Bought Fabric!!!

No, not cross stitch fabric but real live cotton quilting fabric!   Can’t remember the last time I did that.  This blog  originally started as a mostly quilting and quilt designing blog.  Then I began doing more knitting and the quilting got pushed aside, and since December, the knitting has gotten pushed aside in favor of cross stitching.   But, if I EVER get the sewing room cleaned out and organized, I’m ready to get back to some sewing and quilting (yes I’ve said that before but never seem to get that room totally organized.)

Now the fabric I bought probably is going to be used for a project for my cross stitch but that’s why I bought it – because it looks like cross stitch.


It reminds me of those printed cross stitch projects I did when I was a child.  The large print, brown flowers and gray with little flecks – those are actually X’s not flecks — all three of those fabrics are printed as if they are cross stitch X’s to make up the designs.  And I couldn’t pass up the great colored buttons – there are several sizes and shapes in each color in that packet.    I think I may end up making a project bag or two from the large print for my cross stitch (once I get the other needed supplies (clear vinyl and zippers).  It’s Lori Holt fabric which I got from the Happy Little Stitch Shop because it needed to ride along with a Blackbird Cross Stitch book.

Now if someone would just come clean that sewing room.  Part of my procrastination is that I know I want to go thru the yarn tubs and cull out some of the yarn that I know I will never use for one reason or another and get rid of that.  There’s plenty of yarn I love but I know over the years some of it was not the color I wanted (due to computer monitor or photo discrepancies), or my tastes have changed so I just want to get rid of that stuff I know is just not me anymore).    I guess I’ll just have to ignore the yarn project since that is all in tubs in the closet anyway and clear up the rest of the room if I ever hope to pull out my sewing machine again.  Right now the table is stacked with framing supplies and stuff to be framed, and the table top ironing board, etc., along with the box of charts and fabrics I was digging thru last weekend.  Once that is all put back on its shelves – at least I’ll be able to see the table top again and then can tackle the rest of the room.

Ever So Grateful ready for framing

I was able to meet my self-imposed goal of finishing off the vine and berries on the bottom of Ever So Grateful last night and even managed to get a few stitches in a project that was waiting in the wings.

Here is Every So Grateful which will look great in this frame I had.  It’s not a bright gold frame – it has sort of brown antiquing over it but now that I added that vine along the bottom it will be the perfect size for this frame.  So I’ll put this on my list to get the framing done next weekend.