I’m soooo excited……

I had posted  about Blackbird Designs quilting books/fabrics back in mid July and showed a photo of this quilt pattern, Midnight Silhouette,  which I had fallen in love with and could not find anywhere.  I could find many images of it stitched by various people, but the only pattern source I could find  was out of stock at Fat Quarter Shop and since it my Google searches had not found it anywhere else,  I assumed it was out of stock permanently since it was not a recent pattern.

cat    I just happened to think about it today (when I saw the cross stitch chart “Midnight Ride” that is a Blackbird design that coordinates with this quilt and decided to Google the quilt name again. You never know when it might show up on a secondary market.

Hooray!!!! it is back in stock at Fat Quarter Shop and was instantly added to my cart.  There will definitely be sewing and quilting happening again in  the not too distant future.  I looked back and it was fall of 2018 when I last did any substantial quilting and that was for the last Camp Loopy Quilting camp.  I’ve stitched just a bit on a few things since them but nothing  substantial.

So now, this afternoon, I’m going to grab a soda and go fling open the door to the sewing room and try to venture inside that disaster area today.  Once good thing – since I haven’t been sewing  at least there aren’t piles of fabric all over but there’s lots of stuff to be sorted.  There might be frames, batting scraps from framing projects, finished framing projects and all kinds of stuff that just got put in there so it was out of the way (like that new carpet cleaner still in the box because it’s been too humid for too long to want to try to clean the carpets and get them to dry).  Oh my! but  every little bit helps right?  So now I am energized to get that room put back in order.  I think this may take awhile……..

Autumn Saltboxes

Last night I decided to start on another small project before pulling out a larger, ongoing one that I work on intermittently. I decided upon one of the Autumn Saltboxes. This is another designer I really like for smaller projects. I love that they use many star designs – similar to star quilt block designs – in their charts. Those stars are flowers or stars in the sky or just fillers here and there. In this chart they are flowers.

DSCN1093  So I pulled some fabric – I’m using Picture This Plus 18 ct and the colorway is  Earthen.    I pulled the called for floss and I’m missing three that I need but will figure out today (best done in the light of day) what substitutes to use for those colors.   But it was enough colors to be getting on with.



3 hornbooks

I want this to fit on the little black hornbook I had previously gotten.  I decided I wanted to put a piece on it that I could decorate with year round, rather than just for Halloween as previously planned.  The about 1″ space left at the bottom of the house is actually counted as part of the stitch count  as there are several charts in this series (spring, summer and winter saltboxes) all made to finish the same size., but I’m not going to include that in my project so mine will end up square.  I had shared the photo below when I originally received these but that little black hornbook  has slightly over a 4″ mounting space and my stitch will finish at 3.5″.


I nearly got the front face of the house filled in other than windows and that quilt square area at the top.

Then this next fabric acquisition (quilting fabric that is) all started with the ordering of a project bag I fell in love with.  I had looked at the bag several times, didn’t order it, and finally couldn’t resist because the fabric is so very cute.  I haven’t received the project bag yet (it is coming from the UK and made to order once so they take a bit longer to receive) but the fabrics reminded me of the little mice from the Wind in the Willow videos.  And I don’t remember how I even stumbled across the fabrics but when I did and saw some of the other designs by the fabric designer, I fell in love with them (and realized one of my prior project bags I had purchased and love was made from this same fabric designers fabric.   So, I needed some pieces of these fabrics – project bag or tote bag or quilted things – I don’t know for sure what my plan yet (except for one piece that will make a very special baby quilt) but these are just the sweetest fabrics – and bonus, these fabrics are 52-54″ wide.  I don’t know if all fabrics manufactured in Europe are that width but I like it!  Except for the one I plan to use for a baby quilt which I think I ordered a meter of, the rest are half meters.

Isn’t that fall mouse one adorable with those fall colors and acorns – yes it just ticks all the boxes for me.  That’s one of the prints I ordered a project bag in.  And those cute burros!



The above is the one that will be made into a baby quilt.  And the last ones I got are below.


Many chores to be getting on with around here today so I’d better get busy!