A change of pace

I decided yesterday that I needed a change of project since I had worked all week on A Changed World.   So, I pulled out the little project bag that has all the charts, floss and perforated paper for the little sled covers I have been stitching.  I would hate for Christmas to sneak up on me and have to scramble to get the ones I want to give as gifts done.

I finally got one done for one of the largest sleds so looking forward to seeing that one all put together.  Here it is.  I just had to fill in all the white last night so easy tv stitching.

lare sled

So after that was done I picked up the one with the blue border in the photo below.

small sled  I just had a little bit of the blue done so finished that, added all the other colors, and not I just need to finish the white background.

To date, I have one large one stitched, one medium one, and 11 or 12 small ones stitched.   And now that I switched from 3 strands to 2 strands, these are much more fun and quick to stitch.