The end is in sight – A Changed World update

I got lots stitched on a changed world since Friday – or at least I think I got a lot done.   Here’s where I was for the Friday night update (left) and s where I left off in the wee hours of this morning when I finally put it down (right).



So I just have the three corner flowers, a pot of flowers in upper right and flower in lower right and border to finish.

I changed the bottom lettering to black and am not stitching the background of that text box like was done in the chart.   I wanted to pull some of the colors from the flower row down to the bottom so after stitching a few stitches and ripping them out of several colors for that border around the bottom phrase, settled on the peachy/coral color I had used in the flowers, then brought down the color from the dark blue house for the “worked by” text and did my initials in one of the greens ( as green is my favorite color).


The heart in hand motif in the bottom was a bit tricky. That is the only motif that doesn’t use whole cross stitches. My “heart” shape in the had is a bit rounder on the bottom because I was NOT doing quarter stitches. I did do half stitches in the areas where it calls for quarter stitches and I think it worked fine.

Next I decided to work on a bit of the border since I have lots of little four petal flowers to add in every zig and zag. I had originally put in a few of them along the side of the house row when I was stitching that. They are supposed to be white petals and a blue center. I had done them in white and one of the teal-ish colors I was using. I thought it would be okay but when I went back to work on them I decided – nope, they just aren’t showing up enough and I’m not stitching a bajillion petals that won’t show.

As I was stitching last night, I was watching a Modern Folk Embroidery flosstube and that designer was talking about just this issue – white not showing up on some items and if you are stitching with one thread, depending on where it is in the design, you might try two threads to make it pop a bit more. I tried it but it didn’t make it much more visible and so I ripped those out. Then I stitched several flowers in several different colors to see what I might like best. The red was too strong, the blue too close looking to the black, didn’t like the peach but the yellow – I love the shade of yellowing I’m using – and I really like how it looks so yellow and dark blue center is what I ended up using.

Here’s a photo with the yellow and the prior few white ones I still need to rip out.


And check out the stained glass windows. I finally finished stitching them in.  I didn’t really follow the chart for those, just filled in a few stitches here or there as I was finished using a color and had a bit of floss left on the needle.

And below is a larger section done with just the yellow and blue flowers.


And now it’s chart adoption day. If you do not know how chart adoption day works, go to the page at the top of the blog for Chart Adoption Information and please read that – if you don’t follow the rules, you lose. 🙂 Most important, final warning – YOU need to check back on next Sunday’s post to see if the RNG selected you as an adopter of a chart. I will absolutely no longer be emailing adopters a first, second or third time to notify them they were chosen and haven’t sent me their email address –it’s just more things for me to remember to do and follow up on (I do enough of that in my real job) and since I’m mailing and giving away charts I purchased and that the recipient is getting free of charge, I think that is fair to put the onus on you to follow up to see if you were the chosen.

First – the only chart that no one was interested in last week was the Simple Gifts bell pull. I’ll offer it again this week and then it will fade into the sunset. Although shown as a bell pull, it would easily be switched into a rectangular or squareish design by picking and choosing the sections and arranging side by side so if you are interested in adopting please leave a comment using keyword: Gifts.


Drumroll please…………. chart adopters from last Sunday are listed below.  Congratulations ladies!

  • Grandfather’s Barn – Pam Beck
  • Grandmother’s House – Ruth Chow
  • Home of a Quilter – Carol Pifer
  • Strawberries Forever – Karen Wood
  • Enchanted Alphabet – Carol Denning

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  1. Hi, Denise and happy Sunday. Thank you so much for the chart. I’m very impressed by how quickly you’ve done A Changed World and your stitching is just beautiful. I’ll send you an email. Have a great week, HUGS!!! Pam

  2. Gifts. I’ve found the perfect wall Gifts can call home! Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

  3. Yellow is the perfect color for the flowers. I’m haven’t been brave enough to deviate from the directions. You give me the courage to give it a try. I just hate the thought of taking out what takes so long to stitch!

  4. Your Changed world is looking better each day. I was wondering where you got your initials charted? I need to change one into a C, I like the style of the ones on the chart and yours.

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