Fabric Collection

Yes an addition to my fabric collection – cross stitch fabric that is – arrived yesterday.  It was a GOOD mail day. 🙂    It’s raining this morning so couldn’t get outdoor photos but the colors are pretty true in these.

I ordered several fabrics because I want to stitch the Honest Abe sampler by Twin Peaks Primitives, which I have pre-ordered for Needlework Expo.  It’s a huge sampler and I didn’t have any fabric big enough and because it is so large I wanted smaller count Aida so ordered three colors from Etsy shop MyVintageNeedleArts.  The colors are Olde Parchment (the darkest one – I really love this color), Cafe au lait and Caramel cream.  All hand dyed Zwiegart base so there is some mottling in them that is not showing up in the photo..   I also love that they came packaged in tubes so no creases from being folded.    These are all lovely fabrics.


I was also thinking of using 25 count Lugana (to make Honest Abe even smaller) stitching over one.  I have to give it a test to see if I can really do a large project on 25 count Lugana and if I actually like stitching on that type of fabric.   In just looking at it, it is easy to see so might be a size that I can use without straining the eyes.  I got a smaller piece (Cloudy Day Gray) and if I chose to do Honest Abe on Lugana, he would fit on the Cream (larger) piece.  This came from AnitaLittleStitches.com.    I also got the cutest little bronze/coppery colored charms from this shop to add to some Halloween pin pillows I want to make but indoors the photo was not turning out.  I’ll take one outdoors after the rain stops.  They are so cute – ghost, jack-o-lantern, owl, pumpkin.


And lastly the order from Etsy – DoveStitchDotCom – arrived which contained among other things the patriotic printed fabric I had previously shown.  I’m still narrowing my choices as to what to stitch on this (patriotic of course) but needed to see how much room was below the printed area.  These are all  Fabric Flair printed fabrics (not hand dyed)


The patriotic one is called Freedom Smiles and the two fabrics on the bottom are historic beige and nut. The ones below are Christmas Fauna on Blue (birds), Sage (which is a bit darker, prettier green than it is showing in my photo) and the diamond print is a sample piece the shop just included in my order about 7″x10″ – that might need a little halloween stitch put on it or be the back fabric of a halloween/fall stitch pin pillow.


I ordered the printed bird aida just to see what it was like – I’d never see anything printed like that before and I love birds.   I figured I could use it to make a project bag, or just a plain pillow out of, or use on the back of pin pillows.  It’s printed really pretty and I’m thinking maybe a project bag and I could stitch my initials  in it first.

But back to stitching on A Changed World.