Friday Update – 8-20-21 A Changed World

Time for the A Changed World SAL update.  Remember Judy and Jo and I are stitching along on this chart so you can check out their progress on their blogs. 

I have made really great progress this week since I picked this back up last Sunday – maybe Sunday – I can’t remember what day I switched back to this project. But, I finished off the top – all except the upper left flower square in the order and the basket of flowers below it. I wanted to stitch the zig zag part of the border down the left side and then, decided to just finish that border across the bottom and low and behold it worked out! Of course I had been checking it at intervals to make sure it was lining up right. Then then put in the bird/flower on one side of the bottom and started the words on the bottom.




I changed the color of the bird in the bottom section to match all the gray birds I had used in the upper section.

I also changed the words in the bottom section to black. That bottom section was supposed to look like this.

It was supposed to be white lettering with that black box background around it.  I didn’t care for that – it just seemed to overpower that section so I’m doing the words in black and trying to figure out what color I want the border around the words to be.  It’s hard to see the border around the black square in the chart image because it is done in white.  I need to use some other color for that border area.


I also need to go back and add all the little flowers between each zig zag in the border – they are white and a light aqua in my color changes and I only have a few of those done on one side but I’ll save those till last.  I’m hoping to get all the lettering on the bottom and may be the other flower/bird section done tonight since my plan is to stitch to the wee hours of the morning.   My dinner order has been placed for delivery and I can now change out of the work clothes and get comfy for an evening of stitching.  Here’s some close ups of this stitch.

5 comments on “Friday Update – 8-20-21 A Changed World

  1. I am doing the lower lettering now too. I changed the black background to a very dark brown, DMC 3371. It looks a bit less severe to me, it is a lot of stitches though. You’ve done a lot of the “fun stuff” on yours, I’m going to slog through this box first.

  2. Love yours!! I like the change you made to the lower word box. I may do the same when I get to it. I just finished the center section and am now working on the zigzag border for it before I move to the top or bottom. FYI, I don’t know if it bothers you but it did me, the two dogs in the center panel show different back legs compared to the stitch finish photo. The one on the right shows bent back legs and the left, straight. In looking at the photo it shows both being straight. It bothered me so I ripped out the bent ones I had completed. Judy was going to send a note to the designer.

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