A Changed World – 8-17-21

I picked this project back up on Sunday night and worked on it last night also and finished off the row with the flowers and started on the words.

I wasn’t sure about my floss color choices – they are similar to the called for colors but I wasn’t sure if they would all play together nicely and I just love them. I especially love the vine and flower row. I did make a change to that row. Those flowers are supposed to have one stitch in white at the tip of each bud. The red flowers across the top are also supposed to have three white stitches in them. On the red flowers I changed the 3 stitches to the bright yellow which you can’t really see in my photo but trust me – it does show up. I new the white stitch at the tip of each of the other three-bud flowers would not show up so I just did that stitch in the same color as the bud for each. And I went a bit rogue with the colors of the flowers in the basket – I used a lighter and darker shade of teal and in the middle of the basket the same blue as in the house. If I would change one other thing (and I’m not ripping it out to do so) the brown in the basket is kind of blah – I think I would have liked it better in black but I can live with the brown. And actually, if I were doing it again (which I am not) I might just leave those baskets off entirely. I’m hoping to get the rest of the lettering at the top done tonight and may be fill in a bit of the border.