Mid August Already?

Where has half the month of August gone? It doesn’t seem like it should be August 15 already.   Finally we have some lovely weather – no humidity and it’s mid 70’s at the moment.  So for once I didn’t have to worry about my camera lens fogging up when I walked outside to take some photos.

Here’s where I am on the project I’ve currently been stitching on.  This is stitched on 16 count aida and as  I mentioned before Judy and I were having a conversation about what count aida do I use 2 strands on and what’s the largest count I use one strand on.  I had always used 2 strands on 16 count ((and heck I think I used to use 2 strands on 18 count many years ago in my last cross stitching life).  I now, in this current reincarnation of my cross stitch life)  use 1 strand on 18 and love it and, after our conversation, decided to experiment on this piece.   The birds, band on the bottom and the house I was doing with 2 strands so the house will be finished with 2 strands.  But the pots, pet, vines and strawberries (I was getting very tired of stitching strawberries last night but finished them all) are all done in 1 strand and I really like it on 16, so I may never use  strands on 16 count again.


Sunday Chart Adoption —  Last Sunday’s  Farmhouse Christmas packet of charts goes to Liz.  So Liz email me privately with your mailing address and I’ll get all those charts in the mail to you.  This Sunday’s charts up for adoption, as I mentioned yesterday, will be the charts from the Amish series by designer Marilyn Leavitt-Inblum that I don’t intend to stitch.  I finished framing four of them yesterday that I had previously stitched and have 9 total finished and framed (tho I need to take some glass out of two  of them that were framed long ago.)   So I think 9 will fill my bedroom wall nicely and I have too many other things I want to stitch.  There’s also one Lavender & Lace chart (by same designer) I’m passing along as well since it was passed to me in the early 90’s and I’ve never stitched it.

If you don’t know how my Sunday Chart Adoptions work – click the link in the header bar of the blog for Chart Adoption Info.  Please read that and it tells you how to become a possible adopter of the charts I am passing along to others free of charge.  So here are the charts up for adoption today – photos are a bit fuzzy since these are unopened charts and taken thru the plastic but you can easily find photos of them on line if you want to see them more clearly.   They are Grandfather’s Barn, Home of a Quilter, Grandmother’s House, Strawberries Forever, and  Simple Gifts which is a bell pull (and that one is not in the original packaging as it was passed on to me by someone else but the chewed off corner of the photo is courtesy  of my puppy at the time but chart is unscathed).     The necessary Keyword is below each image.











Also one other chart – Enchanted Alphabet  This one was passed on to me many years ago and is missing the color photo that goes with it so is just the chart.  But click the link and you can see what it looks like.  It would be so sweet in a little girl’s room and I just love the multicolored alphabet.  Keyword: Enchanted.

So remember to follow the rules of adoption and check back next Sunday to see if you have been selected to adopt.


15 comments on “Mid August Already?

  1. Hi, Denise. Glad your weather has gotten better. Ours is supposed to be better this week too. I love Gramps and Granny and Enchanted would be perfect for my great-niece. Thanks so much for being so generous. Have a great week. HUGS!!! Pam

  2. You do such beautiful work and I bet they will look lovely on your wall. I would be interested in Home of a Quilter as I have been teaching my self to quilt. Thank you for the give away.

  3. You are correct a little girl’s room would be a good setting for Enchanted; thanks for a chance to adopt the pattern.

  4. Hi Denise. I’ve followed your blog for years, but have never commented. – until now!😊 I would love to adopt the Quilter chart as it’s a favorite hobby of mine and I would love to get back into cross stitching. Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. I love all of these Amish Charts so I would be delighted to adopt Granny, Gramps, Quilter or Berry. I’m not a very sophisticated stitcher but I have loved to see all of the ones you have finished.

  6. I’m not sure how you get so much done but I sure enjoy seeing your beautiful work. I especially liked the Home of the Quilter. So would like to be included in the drawing for “Quilting”
    Have a great week.

  7. I’m going to have to try using one strand on 18 ct Aida at some point but probably not on my current projects. I do have a question regarding using other threads than DMC on Aida. Do you find the same coverage? I have never used or even seen the Weeks Dye or Colorworks and wondered if they are of similar thickness. I bought a number of Teresa Kogut patterns and I’m not sure I’ll use linen and wondered how those threads work on Aida. Since I have the time I’ll likely order the various threads called for in her patterns but not sure of using linen at this point.

  8. Hi Denise, Quilter or Enchanted would be a great gift! Thanks for posting details on your framing and stitching, having picked it back up after 20+ years, lots to learn. Is there a reason for the batting under the cloth when framing – I recently did a trio of elephant cross stitch for a new grandbaby and just attached them to foam core- and inserted in the frame, they look fine, but I didn’t know any better!

    • The batting adds a little bit of padding, if you were using linen it would also help hide any carries of the floss that night show thru the linen. I work on Aida so don’t really have that concern but I had read several framing tutorials that mentioned using batting and decided to try it and I like the finished look I get better when using a thin layer of Warm and Natural batting when framing. It’s not wrong not to use batting – personal preference.

      • Thanks! I’ll have to give it a whirl, have only used Aida to date, and the last project used size 11 to get the picture size(s) we wanted. Never thought of the added benefit of hiding floss carries that might show through the linen, working up the courage to do the next project on that.

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