Saturday Framing Marathon

Well I posted in my prior post today the fully finished Amish themed stitch The Harvest – part of a series I started long ago.  And said that I had two more that I might try to get framed this weekend.   Well since I had all the framing supplies out, I decided I might as well continue and the the other two done today.   Then, when I was digging thru the stuff piled on the sewing room table (yes piled!) I found the third one I needed to frame too.

The sewing room is now a bigger mess due to pulling out Warm and Natural Scraps to cut pieces to put between my stitchery and the foam core board, tossing pieces aside that weren’t big enough – yeah I’m not so tidy in the midst of a project but figured since I know that room needs a thorough cleaning, make the mess now and then I can put all the batting, extra frames, etc. back all at once.  So here they are – all Told in a Garden Designs – and all stitched in 1997.

Schoolhouse Sampler. Love all the little detains in this one – the trees in the distance, the white boys and girls outhouses on either side of the school along the back fence line, the swing set, water pump, but I love the colors of all the boys and girls standing by the fence or sitting on it and the different colors of their clothing.


The Song of a People


Love the barn with the quilt on it and I really like the design of the house with the flower beds around it.

And lastly, The Quilting.  The chart  just says “The Quilting” on it but I added the word “Bee” to the end.

The Quilting Bee

I love the ladies on either side of the quilt they are quilting on and that little girl sitting on the bench at the end.  The other thing I really liked about these patterns, in an era where lots of backstitching was the norm when I was originally stitching these projects, these have very little backstitching – just swing set ropes or parts of buggies but no outlining around other things which of course adds to the simplicity of the look.

I previously had three framed that have been hanging on my bedroom wall.  They had glass in them. I removed the glass from one, and I just need to remove the glass from the other two.  One of those frames has an issue so I may  have to reframe it if I can’t fix it.  But once those are set to rehang, I will have a total of 9 framed pieces of this series done. YES NINE!!!   And I have decided nine is enough.  I decided these will hang on my bedroom wall, not the living room, since they are of a different feel than what I am stitching on now.  Of course that means I want to move where my bed is to a different wall, which entails all the normal hassle of moving a bed in a not huge room trying to avoid the other furniture in it, and plus it’s up on bed risers so having to move those and take out the under-bed storage containers.   And if I’m going to have to move the bed – best to move the sections completely out of that room so I can clean the carpet in there while I’m at it before putting everything back.  Yep – don’t expect to see these on the wall in the immediate future – all that sounds like a winter project.

But, I think I have 3 or 4 charts in the stash that I had saved  for “someday” when I want to finish this series that I won’t be stitching so those will get added to tomorrow’s Sunday Chart Adoption day offerings.

3 comments on “Saturday Framing Marathon

  1. I just love this series! I have 3 of them, including “The Quilting”. Before I started work on “A Changed World” I was remaking “The Barn Raising” as I had given the original one I made to a cousin in Japan. I didn’t know there were so many in the series…I am going to resist looking them up….lol

    • Oh there’s about 20 of them (or more) – some of them are a bit different style Amish charts by the same designer but I 20 of them that I would consider part of this grouping.

  2. Those are so pretty! I like the quilty Amish style. But then it seems like my “style” is all over the place lately.

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