One more for the framing marathon

As I was updating the 2021 Finishes page (see link at top of blog main page) I realized I hadn’t finished framing Ever So Grateful.  So quickly got that one framed today as well.


Whew! a good day’s work of framing – five projects in total.  And now since I forgot to start dinner earlier, I just placed an order for delivery since I don’t feel like cooking at this point. 🙂

So now everything that is to be framed, has been framed, with the exception of two small winter projects.  I just didn’t feel like doing those today.  There’s still some smalls and that one to go on the hornbook to finish but all the actual framing is caught up for a while.

So not counting all the Amish themed projects that I really didn’t stitch in 2021, I still have  21 projects that I have started and finished in 2021 so far – most are small but I’m amazed myself as I was gathering all the photos.  So check out the 2021 – All the Finishes page to see them all.

Now to go get some stitching time in while I wait for my dinner.

4 comments on “One more for the framing marathon

  1. I’m in awe of all the cross stitch you’ve gotten done. It’s impressive!!
    I’m doing A Changed World along with you, Judy , & Jo .
    I can’t figure out what color number goes to the completely black circle at the top of the basket at the top corners by the words “ learning & still”.
    The open circle is black/ noir. Can you help …. Please

    • Yes it was confirmed that the black circle is an error in the chart – it should have been a bold X symbol in those places so whatever the bold X color is your are using, use for the black circles. (if using the called for silks it is 673).

  2. Wow! You’ve been busy. I finally finished quilting on two mini quilts last week and did another one today. Along with one that I quilted last month, that makes four mini quilts needing binding and labeling. No wonder I haven’t been getting much cross stitching done.

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