Friday the 13th – a Changed World Progress – really

Okay I lied in my prior post – while I was waiting for a grocery delivery, I grabbed my camera and took some photos of the frame I had chose for A Changed World. No stitching done on this project since last Friday.

Yes it’s sideways but the photo is just to show the frame. It has this great round knobs all the way around it but I think that will complement the stitch.

Here’s what I’ve been stitching on this week – Strawberry House by The Scarlett House.

Judy and I might have been talking the last couple days about different kinds of fabric I might have recently ordered, along with maybe some charts and some floss and ….. well in those conversation she had asked what the largest count Aida I would use one strand of thread on rather than two strands since she normally is a linen stitcher and I stitch on Aida. 22 count, 20 count, and 18 count I use one strand on. I couldn’t remember if I had ever tried 16 count with one stitch. Strawberry house I am doing on 16 count so I decided to do an experiment. Band below the house (I love the band – those colors are so rich) and the house I’m using two strands on. But I decided to change to one strand for the dog (some of you might think that’s a cat but I’m not a cat person and highly allergic to them so I’m calling it a dog whether it really is or not) 🙂 and the pots with strawberry vines growing out of them I’m going to stitch with one strand. Of course the stitching on the dog and pot are not as dense as the house but I think I might use just one strand on 16 count from now on. My preferred stitch count is 18 count for most things but 16 or `14 I could easily do in a car, on a bus, in a train in the rain (okay channeling Dr. Seuss there for a moment) – but you get the idea. 18 count would be a bit too small for me to stitch in a moving vehicle although I don’t need magnification to stitch on it I do need a good light.

And I have to share one interesting piece of Aida I have ordered. See that top piece of Aida – it has that design printed on it. I’ll have to come up with the right patriotic design to stitch under it. Can’t wait to see it in person to decide if it was a good purchase or maybe not so good…..

Now to go open that package with the remaining two frames I ordered that was delivered today. Custom Frame Solutions always packages the frames so well it takes ages to cut through all the tape, cardboard, packing wrap, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, etc. I’m glad they package so carefully but it’s not a quick package to open. The frames in that box are for two of the Amish themed prints I had stitched many years ago.

A Changed World Friday Progress report

Actually I have no progress to report. I’ve been stitching on something else this week. I DID get the frame for it yesterday tho and it will be perfect I think. Photos of that will be posted tomorrow because I need to switch to my own laptop to post those (I’m just punched out of work but still on the work laptop at home).

And two more frames arrived today but I haven’t torn that box open yet. And, tomorrow I’ll report on all the charts that darn Judy talked me into ordering again (okay – she really didn’t talk me into it because I had looked at it before but she pointed me to the Flosstube where I could see it stitched and that clinched it!). And then I went a bit crazy from there with some fabric ordering and a few more charts. What fun once they start to arrive! 🙂