Blackbird Weekend start is finished

This was a pretty quick stitch since I started it on Saturday for by BlackBird Weekend SAL project and I finished the stitch on it last night.  It’s just randomly folded to see how it would look on the hornbook I had gotten and it will be just perfect.

garden friends stitched

So it was too late to start a new project last night so I went back to the  Ever So Grateful project I had stitched while visiting my folks.  I decided I am going to frame it in the frame shown below but I’m adding the fine and berry row, in reverse, below the turkey to balance it out in the frame.   I didn’t have any more of the grayish color left that is used in the vine, so the vine on the bottom will use the brown color used in the alphabet.   Last night I managed to get about half the vine (minus berries) stitched so maybe I can get it all finished tonight….. or maybe not….