Sunday August 8, 2021

It’s another rainy and really humid day here.  My groceries were delivered and left on my patio table and going out to retrieve them was about all the time I want to spend outside today.  I’m off to a lazy start today – the coffee filters I needed to make my morning coffee were in that grocery order so I haven’t had my coffee intake yet.  It’s nearly ready now tho.   And I did go out and pull a few weeds while waiting for the groceries – weeds that were 2 feet tall growing in the cracks of the sidewalk and the crack between the retaining wall and the sidewalk.  All the rain/humidity has weeds growing everywhere – I’ve never see anything like the crop of them growing in the sidewalk cracks.

Oh and in case you ever get a job as a grocery bagger – tip for you – don’t put the peaches under several ears of corn and a pokey edged plastic container of grape tomatoes.   I’m not really complaining  – the grocery shoppers/baggers/delivery company all do a fantastic job but occasionally you wonder how that happened.  I have one peach a bit worse for the trip but that’s because they are ripe and ready to eat now (not hard and have to let ripen a few days) so I’ll just eat it later today.  The other two escaped unscathed.   I’m looking forward to the fresh corn on the cob tho.   It’s prime sweet corn season here.

So yes – you guessed it – an exciting morning here with weed pulling and groceries.  I did make some good progress last night after pulling floss and thread and starting Garden Friends for my BlackBird Designs Weekend SAL project.  Here’s where I left off last night.


The blue in the bird is one of my favorite floss colors – Teal Frost and the words and flowers use one of my other favorites Sanguine.

Chart Adoptions from last Sunday  go to:   Easy Chair – Dottie Wahlers;  Berry Bird – Lori Campbell.  You know what to do ladies – just email me PRIVATELY with your mailing address so I can get the charts out to you.   Everything that has been adopted to date has been mailed out (I mailed out the Orange bottle top needleminder this past week along with the Scattered Seed samplers so those likely haven’t been received yet but everyone else should have gotten their adoptions.)

You will also see a new page at the top of the blog header bar titled “Chart Adoption Information.”   I get tired of going back and cutting and pasting that information each adoption day so I will simply refer you to that page for the rules if you want to participate.  Everything you need to know about how chart adoptions work is there.

I never did get an email from the winner of the packet of several Farmhouse Christmas charts offered as a group, and I think there’s one single chart that was never claimed either (but I can’t remember which it was since it’s sitting at the office in anticipation of mailing).   So, these are up for adoption again and if you are interested, please read the Chart Adoption Information Page as to how it works if you do not know.


So if you are interested in this group of charts, the adoption key word is Farmhouse.

21 comments on “Sunday August 8, 2021

  1. Hi Denise. Your cross stitch projects are just as beautiful as your quilting projects. You always inspire me to try new projects and techniques. Thank you! I would love to adopt the Farmhouse Christmas Patterns! (Keyword: Farmhouse) These finished projects will make great gifts for my sisters! Thank you for sharing! 💙

  2. Hi, Denise. Your work is always so pretty. I would love to do the whole Farmhouse Christmas series, so that would be a good start. Thanks for being so generous. Have a great afternoon and week ahead. HUGS!!! Pam

  3. I’d love to stitch the Farmhouae series. I’ve been working on the Hometown series and they are cute, too.

    • Wow, Denise, your Garden Friends is coming along nicely. I wish I stitched as quickly as you do! Love your work. I want to start Jack’s Christmas Farm (I think it is called) that you have shown, but I have a couple stitchings to finish first.

      • Thank you. Jack Frost’s Tree Farm – yes that looks like a fun one. I love the big block across the top when you do them all together. Are you doing all as one or separately?
        I still need to figure out fabric for that one but have a couple additional fabrics that are in the mail to me as we speak (so to speak) so I’m going to wait to decided once I get those. I do have the floss pack sitting here so maybe I should get those ready on floss tags – which might be a good project for later today.

      • I like the big on at the top the best, and will do them all together. Getting everything ready is a project in itself, but makes it nice when ready to start a project.

  4. I m so excited to be able to have another opportunity to receive the Farmhouse Christmas patterns. They would be so much fun to work on. I am working on some Meredith Mark Eskimo Children charts that I put away a very long time ago and am now back to enjoying cross stitching again.

  5. My kids just bought some property up north and are living in a barn/workshop which is their farmhouse for now and would love to adopt the farmhouse patterns to make something for them to hang in their new home.

  6. Denise, the BlackBird design is beautiful. Is it a stand alone pattern or is from a booklet?
    I love the colors and would love to stitch it

  7. Farmhouse farmhouse! Those little house needle works are fabulous and as much as I love this designer, the charts you’re offering I don’t have any of amazingly and so hard to believe. Your finishes are fantastic and thanks for your generosity.

  8. I recently started cross stitching again and check your site daily. I’ve had my eye on Farmhouse Christmas, as well as oh so many other patterns. How do you keep control of your stash?

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