Garden Friends – BBDWeekend SAL

I seem to have startitis!  I spent last night pulling threads for the Good Intentions chart I showed yesterday and got a very very minimal start – not worth showing.  Then today, I decided I hadn’t worked on a Blackbird Designs Weekend SAL project for a while so knew which one I had been wanting to start and, as I was pulling the book (it’s in the Sewing Club book) realized if I chose my fabric count correctly, it would fit and look so cute on one of the latest hornbooks I had gotten – the pale  blue/aqua one with the star in the handle from the Cottage Needle.

So I pulled the book for the chart which is made up as a little bag in the book.  It’s  very pretty but not my thing and I just don’t think it would work as well as a bag done in aida.

Anyway, I found a leftover piece of PTP Legacy Linen that I think will be large enough and I pulled the flosses for it – all Weeks Dye Works.  I was missing a couple flosses but in looking at the image of the project, the colors I’m missing are really really similar to other colors already used in the project.  As a matter of fact in looking at the photo I would have thought the same color was used in both areas so I’m going to wait until I get to stitching those areas where I don’t have the colors and decide if I will use the similar color or not.  The chart does have DMC conversion so I haven’t checked to see if I have the DMC color or not yet.   For instance, the color used for the words and the pinkish color in the flowers are two different ones but I think the same color will work fine for both but I will see as I go along.  Here’s the fabric and threads I pulled so far.

The left side of the image is blurry because it is SO HUMID outside!   We got some rain overnight which we needed but nothing makes the humidity go away this summer.  Between the recent rain, 80+ degree temps (and it’s a totally dark day out there looking like it could rain any minute) made the camera lens fog up the minute it popped out of the camera.   Just a dreary looking day outside but I’ll be grateful to be inside, with air conditioning to take all that humidity out, and maybe start some stitching now.  (I mean I really shouldn’t be starting the laundry now – that will just put more humidity in the air, right??) 🙂