Friday 8-6-21 A Changed World Update

Time for the A Changed World SAL update.  Remember Judy and Jo and I are stitching along on this chart so you can check out their progress on their blogs. 

Have I mentioned how much I like stitching on this – well yes I think I have.  Here’s where I was last Friday.


And here’s where I left off last night.


This week I finished the tree row and birds, and added everything from that point up to the top.  I’m hoping to finish the row with the vine and flowers tonight and maybe start the flowers in that basket above it.    But……. I may get distracted.  

I bought and remembered to print before I left work, the pdf of this chart.  I may need to pull floss and fabric for this and make a start on it tonight or I may wait until tomorrow but it needs to be started soon and will be a pretty easy stitch with areas you can outline and then just fill in – good movie (or Flosstube) watching stitching.

Good Intentions

The other PDF I bought  is this one by Stone Street Stitchworks (Etsy) but I’ll save this for some other day.  It only has maybe 4 colors in it if I remember right.

Librarian's House

I especially love the flowers/shrubs on either side of the house and the house.  But of course the flowers with the blackbirds are cute too and all the little motifs.  The border – well I’m not fond of busy/repetitive borders so that may or not not get stitched but this will definitely be a fund design to stitch.