A Changed World – it’s an addiction

I am sooooo enjoying stitching this project.   I finished off the row of trees section last night and then decided to stitch up the left side border to get to the top of the chart since I needed some landmarks to be able to count from.

Here’s where I left it last night – working on the flower in the upper left corner.


I’ve been making a few changes as I go along – the tree in the very center of the tree row I decided to use some different greens on than I had used for those same symbols before.  In my world, the more greens the better!  The birds on the red bushes/flowers are supposed to be black but I liked the gray birds so much on the yellow flowers (which I had stitched first) that I made the other birds gray too.    I was going to start on a little redwork chart I got tonight so now I have a dilemma – continue with this or start the other.