156 Flowers


This is a photo I previously showed so it does not show all the finished yellow petals – too late to get a good photo tonight. But, if I can count correctly, that is how many full little flowers that make up the zig zag outer border – 156 full flowers plus a couple extra stitches for partial ones. Each of those full flowers having four petals – that makes 624 plus yellow petals I just finished stitching! Whew…

Now I just have to go back and add the blue centers to those 156 flowers (although I do already have some of them completed, and then the corner square and the flower basket below it — I need to add those to the right side and then I think I will be done. I think I can see some framing in my future next weekend. ūüôā

August 29, 2021

Well I’ve wasted most of the morning.¬† Stayed up way too late last night stitching (the story of most days around here)¬† and then I couldn’t fall asleep which is always so annoying.¬† Then about the time I decided I’d just get up, I conked out and slept much¬† much later and have been slow moving ever since.¬† But I’ve been puttering doing laundry and folding laundry and finally started the coffee pot (note to self it should NOT take this long to make a pot – it definitely needs a vinegar cleaning later today).¬† ¬†Exciting start to my Sunday, right?¬† ūüôā

I did get the sewing room table cleared off  yesterday and everything that was on it put in its proper place or tossed out so that was progress.    Now at least I have room to organize the rest of the stuff that needs to be put away.  While putting away framing, cross stitch stuff, I pulled out a piece of some 25 count Lugana that I had gotten to see how it was to stitch on with one thread over one stitch and if it would be too small for me to see.  I had been contemplating using Lugana for a chart that is quite large so that it would end up being a smaller finished project but wanted to do a test run.   So last night I pulled out the Jack O Lantern Jubilee collection by Brenda Gervais I had shown not long ago which as cute Halloween-themed projects in it.   

Jack O Lantern Jubilee Brenda Gervais

I decided to make Broom Hilda. If I were using 14 or 16 count Aida which I would normally do for smalls like this, the stitched area would be 3.25 to nearly 4″ tall.¬† ¬† But on this Lugana she will be a wee 2″ tall once her broom and everything else is added.¬†¬†

Broom Hilda

She’s got a little white pumpkin in her hand but it’s not showing up well so I think I’ll rip that out and make it a different color.¬† Her dress was supposed to be blackish gray but I happened to come across a purple I liked instead.¬† You can see my stitching at the top of her dress is a bit more even than at the bottom. I started the project at the bottom of her dress so there are¬† spots where the fabric shows thru due to my pulling stitches a bit too much and moving the Lugana out of square since it gives more than Aida and of course¬† due to the photo being zoomed in it shows more – in looking at it normally you can’t see that.¬† So just a little bit of different tensioning needed for me to stitch on Lugana.¬† And I can see 25 count without the magnifier.

And once again it’s Chart Adoption Sunday. If you are new to Chart Adoption Day, go to the top of the blog and click the tab for “Chart Adoption Information” so you know the rules.¬† ¬†Last week’s chart up for adoption was Simple Gifts.¬† The random number generator has picked Christine Hartman.¬† Congratulations!¬† ¬† All five adopters of the charts from the previous week have contacted me with addresses but just a heads up to them,¬† I was only working at the office 2 days this past week and didn’t get them in the mail before I left. I’m working from home all this week so they won’t get mailed out until after Labor Day when I’m back in the office.¬† Unfortunately, I haven’t finished off any charts lately so there is no chart to put up for adoption this week but remember to check on Sundays since that is the day I post any charts that are up for adoption.¬† When I get to the point of culling out some of the quilting patterns I have already made or decide I will never make, some of those will go up for adoption as well in the future.

Now to refill the coffee cup and delve back into that disaster I call a sewing room to see what else I can get cleaned up in there.¬† I also need to clean up the area around my stitching chair.¬† Yesterday while cleaning the sewing room I finally finished putting together a little wooden side table I had bought to put next to my chair to hold my stitching stuff.¬† Finally the plastic storage tub I had been using¬† (when I broke my arm I pushed out a tub on wheels to use as a catch all surface for stuff I needed at hand and that’s been there ever since) can go back in the closet where it belongs since it’s filled with finished knitted items.

And, while cleaning the sewing room I’ll be contemplating (1) do I want to start a new cross stitch project for Sampler September (who knew there was such a thing?! – not me until recently).¬† Are you starting a new project for Sampler September?¬† ¬†I think I may just work on getting a Changed World finished and there’s also the Dog Declaration sampler I need to get back to.¬† And¬† (2)¬† I’ll be contemplating what fabrics on those fabric shelves do I want to use when making¬† Halloween Silhouette – the pattern I showed yesterday.¬† ¬†Hope you have a lovely Sunday, contemplating things that make you happy!

I’m soooo excited……

I had posted  about Blackbird Designs quilting books/fabrics back in mid July and showed a photo of this quilt pattern, Midnight Silhouette,  which I had fallen in love with and could not find anywhere.  I could find many images of it stitched by various people, but the only pattern source I could find  was out of stock at Fat Quarter Shop and since it my Google searches had not found it anywhere else,  I assumed it was out of stock permanently since it was not a recent pattern.

cat¬† ¬† I just happened to think about it today (when I saw the cross stitch chart “Midnight Ride” that is a Blackbird design that coordinates with this quilt and decided to Google the quilt name again. You never know when it might show up on a secondary market.

Hooray!!!! it is back in stock at Fat Quarter Shop and was instantly added to my cart.¬† There will definitely be sewing and quilting happening again in¬† the not too distant future.¬† I looked back and it was fall of 2018 when I last did any substantial quilting and that was for the last Camp Loopy Quilting camp.¬† I’ve stitched just a bit on a few things since them but nothing¬† substantial.

So now, this afternoon, I’m going to grab a soda and go fling open the door to the sewing room and try to venture inside that disaster area today.¬† Once good thing – since I haven’t been sewing¬† at least there aren’t piles of fabric all over but there’s lots of stuff to be sorted.¬† There might be frames, batting scraps from framing projects, finished framing projects and all kinds of stuff that just got put in there so it was out of the way (like that new carpet cleaner still in the box because it’s been too humid for too long to want to try to clean the carpets and get them to dry).¬† Oh my! but¬† every little bit helps right?¬† So now I am energized to get that room put back in order.¬† I think this may take awhile……..

Autumn Saltboxes

Last night I decided to start on another small project before pulling out a larger, ongoing one that I work on intermittently. I decided upon one of the Autumn Saltboxes. This is another designer I really like for smaller projects. I love that they use many star designs – similar to star quilt block designs – in their charts. Those stars are flowers or stars in the sky or just fillers here and there. In this chart they are flowers.

DSCN1093¬† So I pulled some fabric – I’m using Picture This Plus 18 ct and the colorway is¬† Earthen.¬† ¬† I pulled the called for floss and I’m missing three that I need but will figure out today (best done in the light of day) what substitutes to use for those colors.¬† ¬†But it was enough colors to be getting on with.



3 hornbooks

I want this to fit on the little black hornbook I had previously gotten.¬† I decided I wanted to put a piece on it that I could decorate with year round, rather than just for Halloween as previously planned.¬† The about 1″ space left at the bottom of the house is actually counted as part of the stitch count¬† as there are several charts in this series (spring, summer and winter saltboxes) all made to finish the same size., but I’m not going to include that in my project so mine will end up square.¬† I had shared the photo below when I originally received these but that little black hornbook¬† has slightly over a 4″ mounting space and my stitch will finish at 3.5″.


I nearly got the front face of the house filled in other than windows and that quilt square area at the top.

Then this next fabric acquisition (quilting fabric that is) all started with the ordering of a project bag I fell in love with.¬† I had looked at the bag several times, didn’t order it, and finally couldn’t resist because the fabric is so very cute.¬† I haven’t received the project bag yet (it is coming from the UK and made to order once so they take a bit longer to receive) but the fabrics reminded me of the little mice from the Wind in the Willow videos.¬† And I don’t remember how I even stumbled across the fabrics but when I did and saw some of the other designs by the fabric designer, I fell in love with them (and realized one of my prior project bags I had purchased and love was made from this same fabric designers fabric.¬† ¬†So, I needed some pieces of these fabrics – project bag or tote bag or quilted things – I don’t know for sure what my plan yet (except for one piece that will make a very special baby quilt) but these are just the sweetest fabrics – and bonus, these fabrics are 52-54″ wide.¬† I don’t know if all fabrics manufactured in Europe are that width but I like it!¬† Except for the one I plan to use for a baby quilt which I think I ordered a meter of, the rest are half meters.

Isn’t that fall mouse one adorable with those fall colors and acorns – yes it just ticks all the boxes for me.¬† That’s one of the prints I ordered a project bag in.¬† And those cute burros!



The above is the one that will be made into a baby quilt.  And the last ones I got are below.


Many chores to be getting on with around here today so I’d better get busy!


Jack In the Hat

First – the Friday, A Changed World chart update – didn’t stitch a single stitch on it this week.¬† I decided to change it up and work on some other things this week so nothing to show on that.

I did work on some sled pieces, which I previously showed, and on Wednesday night I pulled out some left over fabric and some floss to start on Jack in the Hat.¬† As I’ve said before, I love Threadworks Primitives (Nan Lewis) designs.

I started it Wednesday night and today during my lunch hour finished off the moon so it was a pretty quick stitch.¬† I had none of the called for colors but found very good substitutions.¬† Isn’t it cute!

jack in the hat  

The fabric is some leftover 14 count PTP in Shale.¬† ¬†I didn’t want a real bright orange pumpkin¬† – the chart looks a bit more florescent orange compared to mine – and part of that is due to the color I chose and part of that is due to the fact that I only used one strand of floss on 14 count giving it a more prim look.¬† ¬† ¬†The black areas – yes you can see a bit of the fabric thru them but for this type of design I like it.¬† ¬†

If you look at the chart you will see it’s finished as a cute little bag, but I might have a hornbook to put it on and if too large for that,¬† it will likely be finished as a little pillow.¬† I haven’t done any pillow finishing and I’m anxious to try some of my Lady Dot chenille and mini pom pom trims and lets not forget that bag of lizard litter for stuffing I haven’t tried out yet.¬† And I also have these cool charms that I could add¬† on a ribbon or pin.¬† And if it was a pillow, it would be so cute snuggled in a bowl with some oh so cute brightly colored felted acorns I have (which I just remembered I have since I bought them after the fall season last year and haven’t used them yet.)



The floss I used was Gentle Arts Cast Iron Skillet (which is not a true black more a blackish gray), and Avocado; Classic Colorworks Tennessee Red Clay.¬† ¬†I love TN red clay – that’s the color in the flowers.¬† And also, Weeks Dye Works Carrot and Whiskey.


So while I figure out what to make for dinner, I’ll have to decide what I want to work on tonight.¬† ¬†See what I have in progress and pick one of those?¬† Start a new something?


Sleds Continued

Nearly 3 more finished sled pieces stitched.    I finished the star design I had shown in progress last time (the one with the blue border).


Then also stitched the tall elf between the candy-cane striped poles and finished that off last night and then started the cabin in pine trees and just have to finish stitching the snow on the ground.¬† ¬†I may need to change it up again and start on a little Halloween stitch I’ve been wanting to do after I finish that snow.¬† Haven’t decided yet if I’ll do Halloween or do a few more sled pieces but I did pull out all the remaining sled charts I have to decide which I want to do next.

A change of pace

I decided yesterday that I needed a change of project since I had worked all week on A Changed World.   So, I pulled out the little project bag that has all the charts, floss and perforated paper for the little sled covers I have been stitching.  I would hate for Christmas to sneak up on me and have to scramble to get the ones I want to give as gifts done.

I finally got one done for one of the largest sleds so looking forward to seeing that one all put together.  Here it is.  I just had to fill in all the white last night so easy tv stitching.

lare sled

So after that was done I picked up the one with the blue border in the photo below.

small sled  I just had a little bit of the blue done so finished that, added all the other colors, and not I just need to finish the white background.

To date, I have one large one stitched, one medium one, and 11 or 12 small ones stitched.   And now that I switched from 3 strands to 2 strands, these are much more fun and quick to stitch.

The end is in sight – A Changed World update

I got lots stitched on a changed world since Friday – or at least I think I got a lot done.¬† ¬†Here’s where I was for the Friday night update (left) and s where I left off in the wee hours of this morning when I finally put it down (right).



So I just have the three corner flowers, a pot of flowers in upper right and flower in lower right and border to finish.

I changed the bottom lettering to black and am not stitching the background of that text box like was done in the chart.¬† ¬†I wanted to pull some of the colors from the flower row down to the bottom so after stitching a few stitches and ripping them out of several colors for that border around the bottom phrase, settled on the peachy/coral color I had used in the flowers, then brought down the color from the dark blue house for the “worked by” text and did my initials in one of the greens ( as green is my favorite color).


The heart in hand motif in the bottom was a bit tricky. That is the only motif that doesn’t use whole cross stitches. My “heart” shape in the had is a bit rounder on the bottom because I was NOT doing quarter stitches. I did do half stitches in the areas where it calls for quarter stitches and I think it worked fine.

Next I decided to work on a bit of the border since I have lots of little four petal flowers to add in every zig and zag. I had originally put in a few of them along the side of the house row when I was stitching that. They are supposed to be white petals and a blue center. I had done them in white and one of the teal-ish colors I was using. I thought it would be okay but when I went back to work on them I decided – nope, they just aren’t showing up enough and I’m not stitching a bajillion petals that won’t show.

As I was stitching last night, I was watching a Modern Folk Embroidery flosstube and that designer was talking about just this issue – white not showing up on some items and if you are stitching with one thread, depending on where it is in the design, you might try two threads to make it pop a bit more. I tried it but it didn’t make it much more visible and so I ripped those out. Then I stitched several flowers in several different colors to see what I might like best. The red was too strong, the blue too close looking to the black, didn’t like the peach but the yellow – I love the shade of yellowing I’m using – and I really like how it looks so yellow and dark blue center is what I ended up using.

Here’s a photo with the yellow and the prior few white ones I still need to rip out.


And check out the stained glass windows. I finally finished stitching them in.¬† I didn’t really follow the chart for those, just filled in a few stitches here or there as I was finished using a color and had a bit of floss left on the needle.

And below is a larger section done with just the yellow and blue flowers.


And now it’s chart adoption day. If you do not know how chart adoption day works, go to the page at the top of the blog for Chart Adoption Information and please read that – if you don’t follow the rules, you lose. ūüôā Most important, final warning – YOU need to check back on next Sunday’s post to see if the RNG selected you as an adopter of a chart. I will absolutely no longer be emailing adopters a first, second or third time to notify them they were chosen and haven’t sent me their email address –it’s just more things for me to remember to do and follow up on (I do enough of that in my real job) and since I’m mailing and giving away charts I purchased and that the recipient is getting free of charge, I think that is fair to put the onus on you to follow up to see if you were the chosen.

First – the only chart that no one was interested in last week was the Simple Gifts bell pull. I’ll offer it again this week and then it will fade into the sunset. Although shown as a bell pull, it would easily be switched into a rectangular or squareish design by picking and choosing the sections and arranging side by side so if you are interested in adopting please leave a comment using keyword: Gifts.


Drumroll please…………. chart adopters from last Sunday are listed below.¬† Congratulations ladies!

  • Grandfather’s Barn – Pam Beck
  • Grandmother’s House – Ruth Chow
  • Home of a Quilter – Carol Pifer
  • Strawberries Forever – Karen Wood
  • Enchanted Alphabet – Carol Denning

Fabric Collection

Yes an addition to my fabric collection – cross stitch fabric that is – arrived yesterday.¬† It was a GOOD mail day. ūüôā¬† ¬† It’s raining this morning so couldn’t get outdoor photos but the colors are pretty true in these.

I ordered several fabrics because I want to stitch the Honest Abe sampler by Twin Peaks Primitives, which I have pre-ordered for Needlework Expo.¬† It’s a huge sampler and I didn’t have any fabric big enough and because it is so large I wanted smaller count Aida so ordered three colors from Etsy shop MyVintageNeedleArts.¬† The colors are Olde Parchment (the darkest one – I really love this color), Cafe au lait and Caramel cream.¬† All hand dyed Zwiegart base so there is some mottling in them that is not showing up in the photo..¬† ¬†I also love that they came packaged in tubes so no creases from being folded.¬† ¬† These are all lovely fabrics.


I was also thinking of using 25 count Lugana (to make Honest Abe even smaller) stitching over one.¬† I have to give it a test to see if I can really do a large project on 25 count Lugana and if I actually like stitching on that type of fabric.¬† ¬†In just looking at it, it is easy to see so might be a size that I can use without straining the eyes.¬† I got a smaller piece (Cloudy Day Gray) and if I chose to do Honest Abe on Lugana, he would fit on the Cream (larger) piece.¬† This came from AnitaLittleStitches.com.¬† ¬† I also got the cutest little bronze/coppery colored charms from this shop to add to some Halloween pin pillows I want to make but indoors the photo was not turning out.¬† I’ll take one outdoors after the rain stops.¬† They are so cute – ghost, jack-o-lantern, owl, pumpkin.


And lastly the order from Etsy – DoveStitchDotCom – arrived which contained among other things the patriotic printed fabric I had previously shown.¬† I’m still narrowing my choices as to what to stitch on this (patriotic of course) but needed to see how much room was below the printed area.¬† These are all¬† Fabric Flair printed fabrics (not hand dyed)


The patriotic one is called Freedom Smiles and the two fabrics on the bottom are historic beige and nut. The ones below are Christmas Fauna on Blue (birds), Sage (which is a bit darker, prettier green than it is showing in my photo) and the diamond print is a sample piece the shop just included in my order about 7″x10″ – that might need a little halloween stitch put on it or be the back fabric of a halloween/fall stitch pin pillow.


I ordered the printed bird aida just to see what it was like – I’d never see anything printed like that before and I love birds.¬† ¬†I figured I could use it to make a project bag, or just a plain pillow out of, or use on the back of pin pillows.¬† It’s printed really pretty and I’m thinking maybe a project bag and I could stitch my initials¬† in it first.

But back to stitching on A Changed World.

Another Change to a Changed World

Every since I stitched the one basket of flowers on the upper left side, it was bugging me every time I looked at it.  I double checked the chart Рyes it was right Рbut it looked so crowded on top of the row of leaves and flowers which is the row I might love best.  So here is a cropped image from the prior blog post to show where I am talking about.

BASKET¬† I just didn’t like the way there was only one row of blank stitches between the top of the red flower and the bottom of the basket.¬† And with it so close to the top of the flower – I also didn’t like the way the basket base was off center compared to the top of the flower.¬† Hmmmm, I’d think some more about that basket before completing the one on the right.¬† But then tonight I was checking Jo’s progress and she doesn’t have the top side of her flowers stitched yet and wow! that was the answer.¬† Just remove the flower head from the top two red flowers – the ones at each end below the basket.¬† It leaves a more pleasing space arrangement to my eye.¬† So I ripped out the flower heads but left the top leaves and I love the way it looks now.¬† ¬†Thank goodness Jo was at that exact spot so I could see from her photo what I wanted to do!

Ignore the little red fuzzy of loose thread I had picked out and didn’t notice was stuck to the fabric before taking the photo – but I’m very pleased with the way it looks now minus that flower head.¬† The basket now looks like it’s in it’s own space and not trying to smash the top of my flower row.


As of 9:30 pm – when I am stopping for an ice cream break – I’m still plugging away on the lettering on the bottom (after a bit of an unexpected cat nap) so now I’m wide awake and ready for 4, 5 or 6 more hours of stitching. ūüôā