Stitching Finishes

Farmhouse Christmas is finished.   It took several Olympic events to finish off all those holly leaves in the border but I am so glad they are done.  And this project was finished well before my self-imposed deadline of November.  This one will hang on my wall year round. I just love it.


Also while on vacation I finished Ever So Grateful.  Here it is, finished as per the chart.


I say as “per the chart” because I’m thinking I may not finish this one as a pin pillow as originally planned.  It’s a bit large for that since I did it on larger count Aida since I knew I’d be working on it in the car or in a place where I wouldn’t have my super bright stitching light so 14 count made it easy to stitch.   But I just happened to be looking at the frame stash and have a frame that I think it would look really well in.  Now I didn’t leave a lot of top margin because I had originally not planned to frame it but there’s enough for me to be able to frame it however it would need something more added to balance/center it in the frame I have so I think if I stitch the vine and berries across the bottom it will be the perfect size for this frame.  For the time being I’ll set it aside while I decide for sure whether I want to frame it.


I also did just a bit of stitching on Fly By Night.  I’ve got the bird/hat all outlined and want to get the border lines stitched and then it will be a good bus stitching project – just filling in everything in the bird in black.


Minimal stitching done on the bottom border of Strawberry House to make sure the colors I planned to use were going to work since I didn’t have all the called for an am substituting.  I think they are going to look very good on this fabric.

Strawbry house

And lastly, progress on A Changed World. Last night I finished the whole green triangle strip below the dog, gave the dog his collar, finished the church door and added some blue to the church windows (I’m going to fill in the windows when I have a color I want to add to them on the needle rather than threading up for just a few stitches), and started the tree by the dog.  So that was my stitching week in review. 🙂


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  1. Farmhouse Christmas is a beautiful stitchery and certainly deserves to hang all year. You sure got a lot of additional stitching time worked in as well. I think that additional border on Ever So Grateful will be the perfect addition for balance.

  2. That is one of the prettiest cross stitch pieces I’ve seen in a long while. Lovely job on it1

  3. Denise, you have really been a busy bee! I have started stitching The Friendship Tree but I tell you I wish I had ordered 14 Count Aida but when it arrived it was 16 Count Aida. I thought well thats not too much of a difference. Ha ha! For someone that hasn’t stitched in a very long time it is a huge difference. But I trudge on! Farmhouse Christmas looks great! I can only stitch for a short time. I use my hubby’ magnifying glasses and a large one I use in the sewing room. But I really am enjoying this project.

  4. I finished stitching the last ornament this week. I’m going to do three more as I need 12. Still thinking on how I’m going to finish them when I’m done. It’s been fun. I haven’t cross stitched since I started quilting in 2005. Thanks for your inspiration.

  5. Farmhouse Christmas is wonderful and I’m in awe of how much you get accomplished. Curious about the yellow and red attachments in the pic of A Changed World – something to keep excess fabric out of the way? I am just learning how to knit socks with a magic loop cast on due to your inspiring posts!

    • Yes – the yellow and red cords have magnets on each end so you can sort of gather in the excess fabric and it holds it out of the way with one magnet on top and the one on the other end on the bottom. Good luck with the sock knitting!

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