A Changed World SAL update and a bit of a rant on other things

If you’ve been following along, you know that Judy and Jo and I were all planning to start stitching on A Changed World on August 1, post updates on the SAL on Fridays, and you are all welcome to join in stitching along with us at any time.  And if you’ve been following along you also know that I started stitching on mine early  – I think the weekend of the 17/18th I started.  I think this project may be doomed but I am carrying on. 🙂

a changed world


When I started, the first row I started with was the wavy divider border above the row of buildings.  As I finished the last stitches of it, I realized I had the color symbols reversed in my head and stitched it in white instead of black.  Ripped that all out an started over.

I had finished the whole building row except the church door and stained glass windows — I still need to add those but opted to move to the row of trees and dogs and flowers above the houses.  I wanted something I didn’t have to think too hard on to work on while watching the Olympics one night.  Just as I was putting the last stitches of a section again, I realized I hadn’t paid as close attention to the chart as I should have.

changed wold

That row of triangular shapes I’m stitching on in the photo above – when I first stitched them I only left one stitch between each one instead of three! Rats!!!   Ripped them back out and am redoing it right this time.  I will definitely pay more attention since I’ve ripped way more than normal on this one already and have a long way to go.

I have several more stitchy things to share but will save those until tomorrow.  I just got back today from a wonderful visit with my parents, my sister and her husband  – none of which I have seen in almost 2 years due to my breaking my arm and then Covid.   It was a wonderful visit, with game playing (we have  always been a board game/card game/dice game  playing family and that hasn’t changed), lots of good food, much Olympic segment viewing which made for lots of cross stitching time hence my two projects I finished while there) and my sister and her hubby moved into a new home during Covid so I had not yet seen that.  And I even got to see one of my nephews who stopped by one night when my sister made a delicious birthday dinner for me. 

So my rant below regarding Covid and people making crazy comments is below –  if you’re just here for the cross stitch talk, you’re done reading for today. 🙂  Tomorrow I’ll show two finishes and Sunday I will resume the cross stitch “chart adoption” free offerings.  One of those finishes I have to show might even be a framed finish if I feel like doing the framing later today.

[Stepping on to my soap box now re something that has just been annoying me ever since I heard it and I don’t want anyone leaving any comments about what I say while on the soap box – its just something I feel the need to say and I don’t care if you agree with me or not, but irregardless of whether you agree with me or not, any comments left re the Covid issue will be deleted and not debated on my blog — there are always those who when I ask for no comments to be left on a topic (which I rarely do) still feel the need to do so.  Just don’t.   My blog, my feelings, my journal of what’s going on in my life so I make the rules 🙂 

And my soap box comment is this — Now that I have finally been able to spend time with family since we are all vaccinated and our respective state rules have been relaxed – at least for the time being  (but with the surge of the variant who knows how long that may last)  it made me remember the Dude who I recently saw on TV that  when asked if he was going to get a Covid shot said “no, I don’t believe it’s as serious as the government says it is and I’m not worried about getting it [Covid].”    Thinking about that just irked me all over again.  Here’s my response to the  “Dude who is not afraid of Covid”.  Get you head out of the sand or wherever you have it stuck,  and wear a mask or get vaccinated and stop putting others who can’t get vaccinated or wear a mask for health reasons or others who aren’t eligible for vaccination yet – kids, etc. – at risk.   

Nearly 2 years is a long time to go without seeing family that is only about 3 hours away.  Coming from a very huggy family – 2 years is a long time to go without a hug from another human being, or to sit down with them and laugh and play games and drink a glass of wine and eat a meal and talk and  laugh some more.  It’s also such an incredibly long time for the health care field and care givers to have to deal with Covid and all its issues – they need a break.   [I could go on but I’ve stepped down off my soap box now – just had to get that out of my system.]

Speaking of laughing – some day I’ll tell you what “Alexa”  (you know those electronic devices you can ask questions of  – that “Alexa”) thought one of us had asked her.  She was on the counter not far from us and clearly she was eavesdropping on our dice game and picked up on a word that she thought one of us said and started giving us information on what she thought we asked her.   We were laughing so hard we couldn’t talk – sometimes you have to wonder about the information available to some of those devices and why anyone would even ask her some of the questions she has answers for! 🙂


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    • Thanks. Yes – I do not recommend the ripping part. I will be double checking more closely as I got along. I hope when you start yours it goes more smoothly for you than mine has started out!

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