Ever So Grateful



Every so Grateful was one of the projects I had kitted up earlier this week and those colors and the design were just calling to me.   So far I haven’t done any of the blending of colors I had mentioned before because I like the way they are looking.   Had dyed floss can look so different when strands are pulled out of it and actually stitched.  What may look like a mucky grayish brown (the color I was to use for the alphabet which is called Wood Brown) looked more  brown in the pattern image than the floss did in the hank and I liked the darker brown look.  I pulled a favorite brown to substitute instead (Pecan Pie – both are GA colors) but decided to stitch a few stitches just to see how the Wood Brown looked.    AHA! it looks dark brown just like the color in the chart image – no real hint of the grayish I saw in the hank.   Excellent!

The vine and alphabet stitched up very quickly.