Kitted Projects

With every hobby/artistic outlet I have,  there seems to be a part or step to it that I don’t like doing but it’s one of those necessary steps in the process to accomplish what I want so although I don’t particularly care for it I do, of course, do it.

  • With quilting – it’s layering quilts.  Once I get them all ironed and laid out on the table to pin, I’m fine but I guess it’s more the thought of having to layer a quilt that holds me up.
  • With knitting – it’s blocking the pieces.  It doesn’t take long nor is it difficult, but it’s my least favorite part.
  • With weaving – it’s getting the loom warped.  Again, ,not difficult, I’d rather just be able to jump right in and weave.
  • And with cross stitching – it’s the pulling floss to get a project ready to work on.

This afternoon  between cleaning chores, I decided I wanted to kit a couple smaller projects which meant get the floss pulled and decide on fabric so they are  ready to go.  I still don’t plan to have a lot of projects all going at the same time, but since I’ll be going back to riding the bus in August to and from work, I may need a project to stitch on while riding the bus (many years ago I used to stitch on the bus and also during my lunch hour at work  – it’s amazing how much you can get stitched during that time.)  Also, I’m going to need a car project to work on shortly so went digging through the smaller charts I have in my pile that I wanted to make sooner rather than later.  Plus, I wanted these projects to be on larger count fabric – much better for car/bus stitching or stitching when visiting and not having my bright light to work under.   I pulled three of them.


Fly By Night will be a great car project.  I plan to take this along on an upcoming 3 hr car ride.  Only one floss color and if I can outline the bird ahead of time, I can then just fill it in while riding along.  The fabric is 16Ct. PTP Moonglow Aida.  It’s a bit darker in my photo than in real life.  The called for floss is DMC 310  but I chose Gentle Arts Black Liorice as it may have a bit of shading in it and I think in that large bird a bit of shading will look nice.

The second chart, which I have been wanting to start ever since I got it (and apparently loved it so much I ordered 2 of it DUH!) I recently saw someone finish it on a Flosstube which again moved it to the top of my list, is Strawberry House.  I’ll be using 14 Ct. PTP Shale.  Of the 8 flosses called for, I think I’m using 2 or 3 of the called for.   The rest I didn’t have so substituted other colors.


Sorry for the glare on the chart (I didn’t take out of plastic) – but the house looks white in the image but the floss called  for is Parchment – more dark Ecru (at least the one I have is) so I may go with a white shade instead but pulled both to put in my kit and decide later.  The roof is Onyx which I have but I didn’t really want a black roof and windows because to me they look more blueish in the image and that’s what I liked.  So I picked a blue for that and then picked colors similar in shade to the rest of the called for colors.

And the last one I kitted is Ever So Grateful.   I love Threadwork Primitives charts – such fun designs – and I was looking for something with a turkey on it and all the other charts I looked at by other designers I just wasn’t loving their turkeys but when I saw this one I had to have it.  And the color palette of fall colors are of course my favorite colors to work with in all all things.


I had the called for turkey color and the color for the alphabet, but the orangey/yellow I didn’t have so I pulled both a yellowy-gold and a rusty orange and in the flowers I’ll make some flowers/petals all gold, some all rust and some with a strand of each held together.  The fabric is  14Ct. PTP Ale.

So they are all in a project bag ready to go and I can get the floss and charts and fabric put away again and then switch loads of laundry and see how close to being done my baked potato is so I can finish making the rest of dinner to go with it.  I’m starting to get hungry – especially since when I went outside to take the photos above, one of my neighbors in the next apt building over was outside grilling barbequed chicken and the delicious smell wafting over was torture.

Happy Friday – July 23, 2021

I need to get organized around here and get some stuff done – laundry is calling and other messes to take care of.  I’m on vacation so trying to plan all I want to get done.  But then – it is vacation so I wouldn’t want to throw myself into these tasks too quickly. 🙂

Speaking of unorganization – I haven’t gotten all of the charts adopted/needleminders adopted in the mail before starting vacation – too busy trying to get actual work done – so they will be delayed but will be put in the mail the beginning of August when I return to the office.   And speaking of chart adoptions – there are still several charts that were put up for adoption during the month of July  but the adoptees have not emailed me with their mailing address and I think there were 2 from June that were never claimed which will go back in rotation.  please please please do not put your mailing address in the blog comments.  My email address, as always, is on the front page of my blog under my photo so please send any address information to that email.

Last weekend I was at loose ends and couldn’t decide what new cross stitch project to start.  I don’t like having too many of them going at the same time, and all the ones I wanted to start were larger projects.  But, with the plan to start A Changed World on August 1 along with Judy and Jo, I didn’t want to start another large project and then have to switch to  A Changed World.     So I “cheated” and started early on A Changed World – it was sitting there all ready to go with fabric and floss pulled.  a changed world

I did confess my early start to both Judy and Jo.  🙂  We are all just going to work at our own pace anyway with no deadline to finish other than “someday” because we all have many other things, crafts, tasks, work to fit in to our days.  Here’s how far I am after a week of stitching on this.  One section nearly completed – just need to finish church windows and door.


I’m using colors similar to the chart image but it’s charted for silks and DMC.  The only DMC I’m using is black and the rest are a mix of Weeks Dye Works (mostly Weeks), with a couple Gentle Arts Sampler Threads and Classic Colorworks mixed in.    And as I’ve gone along I’ve changed placement of a few colors – like the church door which was supposed to be  grayish color but it was too similar to the door frame color and steps so I decided my church door should be blue.  The windows will look like stained glass with several colors in them.   After those are done I’ll have to decide if I want to work on the section above or below the building row — decisions, decisions.