Sunday, July 18, 2021

Good morning – well technically morning since it’s 12:13 AM. 🙂 I was looking at something else on line and thought since I was sitting at the computer I’d do this post to answer a question I recently got regarding framing and to post the adoptees of last Sunday’s charts and needle minders.

The question was do I stitch a sort of basting line around the edge of my piece where I want it to end and line that up when putting it on the foam core board and also do I pin it, lace it, both? The answer to all that is No. So far all the things I’ve framed I have not laced; I did start to partially pin one of the first ones and decided I didn’t like that and it made it much more difficult to get even. I’ve not done anything special to get it lined up — perhaps it comes for all my years of quilting and eyeballing those seam allowances, but for me I have found it easy to line things up without doing any real prep work. Now, I am stitching on Aida cloth and I think Aida cloth would be a whole lot easier to line up straight than linen fabric with twice as many threads that would be easy to get off kilter.

What I do is put double-sided sticky tape along the edge of all four sides of the foam core on the back. Next lay the stitching right side up over the foam core side that does not have the tape , pop it in the frame, and then start tugging on the edges to get it centered. When I think I’m close to where I want it to be just eyeballing it, I count the stitches from the edge of the stitching to the edge of the frame to make sure I have the same number of stitches on each side and top and bottom, tugging a bit here or there to get it to line up right and make sure the frame edge follows straight along the same line in the Aida cloth. Once I think I have it where I want it, I start on one edge and peel the paper off the tape and smooth the fabric down over the tape – check it to make sure it is correct (you can pull it back off the tape and reposition). When I’m happy with one side, I do the opposite side. Repeat the process for the other two edges. If I have a lot of extra fabric, I’ll trim it off, sometimes running a second line of tape about 1-1/2″ outside the first line and press the fabric to it. No muss, no fuss and pretty quick to do.

Now on to the adoptees of last week’s charts and needle minders. There were two charts from Farmhouse Christmas.

The adoptee for Grandpa’s Pickup is Quilter 44; for Horsin’ Around it is Lori Campbell.

The adoptee for the Orange Big Top needle minder shown below is Shirley Marvin and the TV w/ clown needle minder is Helene.

Congratulations ladies! Send me a private email with your mailing address and I’ll get those in the mail to you.

needle keepers