Blackbird Designs

I first came across Blackbird Designs many years ago in the quilting world.  Lovely quilting books, stunning Blackbird fabrics – I still have bits and pieces of those Blackbird fabrics in my stash.  I did a quilt look (ETA – okay not a quilt look but a quick look thru photos) 🙂  to see if I had any photos of those early quilts but so far haven’t found any.  Little did I know that I’d be drawn back to their designs in a different format nearly 20 years later.

I mention Blackbird Designs because now I am loving their designs since returning to cross stitch after over a 20 year hiatus from cross stitching.  But I also mention it  because one of the two-person design team that makes up Blackbird Designs, Barb Adams, has sadly passed away earlier this month.  A great loss for those who personally knew her, but also for the quilting and cross stitching communities at large.

One of the Flosstubes I watch – my favorite – is Brenda and the Serial Starter (Brenda and Laura).  They started several months ago a Blackbird Design Weekend Stitch Along which is the first weekend of every month, many cross stitchers stitch on their Blackbird Designs projects that weekend and share with a hashtag what they are working on  (I don’t do Instagram, etc so haven’t seen all the many projects being worked on but I know there have been a lot of stitchers joining in.)  I’ve been a bit lax with my #BBDWeekendSAL projects – I did do this one, called Spell of the Moon,  which is still waiting to be finished into a pin pillow.


So recent events have me thinking about Blackbird Designs in general and looking thru my books and patterns and trying to decide which of their designs to start on next.  There’s a couple I’m leaning towards  – I do especially love their “black bird designs” as in blackbirds or crows.  This one I’ve been wanting to start.

midnight ride


It’s called Midnight ride.  Another one – that is stitched into a strawberry shape but could also be made just as a regular rectangular piece (which I think is the way I would go) is from the Winds of Autumn Book – upper left corner of book cover.


Not a great image of it but they don’t have a separate photograph in the book of the entire image not made into a strawberry so I can’t show it to you, but the bird has lovely designs on it’s body and there’s a house, pumpkin, acorns and vines.

I also have a CD of Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornaments from 1997 – 2013 – the magazine would put out special issues each Christmas from all different designers and back in the late 90’s I always bought every issue (which I ended up getting rid of when I quit cross stitching around 2000-2001.   I know there are several Blackbird ornament designs in those issues and actually bought the CD because of one specific Blackbird Design Christmas ornament (of a black bird) I had seen finished on a flosstube and the only place the chart was still available was on the CD.  So today, since I had to pull the printer out for something else, I may go thru that CD and see if there are any charts I need to print before putting the printer away.

One of the quilt designs I know I made (and gave away) was from this book – which was a four part book series to make christmas quilts.

christmas memories

 My favorite parts were the santa hat and the string of lights. And a pattern I love (but its 10 years or older now) that I’d love to have and would likely have me pulling out my sewing machine to get started on it right away is  Midnight Silhouette.  I don’t know why I love it so much but I do so if you know of a source, let me know.  You could help me get my quilting mojo back! 🙂


I may need to content myself with stitching Midnight Watch, a cross stitch chart clearly based on the quilt design.

One Gorgeous Frame!

I am over the moon with this frame. It’s even more gorgeous in person that it looked on my computer screen. And it’s a very substantial frame – it is 1-1/2″ wide from back to front – looks sort of like two frames set on top of each other.


I can’t wait to see this project framed in this frame.  It’s going to be beautiful.


As to what I’ve been busy stitching on this week – well still doing my “Christmas in July” stitching.   I finished off the three Quaker sleds stitching.   I started the North Pole Sled Co – that is obviously for the largest size sled.  I finished off Santa and his elf last night and got part of the blue background started.  This will be an easy one to pick up and put down since it’s all just background fill that needs to be done.  I’m enjoying stitching these much more using only two threads rather than the pattern called for three strands.  Three strands was just more difficult to stitch – making it harder to pull the thread thru the holes since it was so dense.


And this week I also started and finished the three Saltbox Houses sled designs.

saltbox sleds

It may be time to pull out the sled and sled finishing box to get these fully finished.