Two more projects framed

One project is mine to keep and one  will be a birthday gift later this year.

doglessons - Copy

After I got this framed I realized I hadn’t put my initials or year on it.  I moved on to the next project and never remembered to go back and do that.  Oh well – it will have a label on back.  The one above is Dog Lessons For People.

And this is Sit and Stitch.

easychair - Copy

Have I said how much I like my new framing point driver — well yes I did just a few days ago when I was framing other stuff, but it makes the framing so much easier.   I have now tested out the rigid points and the flexible points.  The point driver I got came with 50 points of each kind to try out.  The flexible went into the frame I was doing just as easily as the rigid points.  My thinking is I’ll save the flexible points for frames where I might be putting a seasonal thing in them and maybe I might want to reuse that same frame for a different season if I have things to switch out. Right now I don’t  have any in frames I plan to switch out so I’ll save the rest of the flexible ones and have placed an order for more rigid ones since I’ve used up my supply of those.

What I really need to do is figure out what kind of hanging hardware I want to buy so I can get all the stitcheries that are framed up on the wall one of these days.

Sat. July 10, 2021

It’s been a dreary, cloudy day but I just looked outside and the sun has come out. I may have to take my coffee and go sit outside a little while….maybe…after I check the mosquito situation. With all the heat, humidity and rain on the past two weeks they may have come out in force. In the meantime, grocery order was here before 9AM this morning and I’m looking forward to dinner tonight – stuffed pork chops, au gratin potatoes or maybe sweet potato, and I think there’s some asparagus hiding in the fridge that needs to be made. Yum – I’ve been very lazy lately and haven’t made anything exciting for meals, usually just grabbing something quick,  and pork chops in any form are one of my favorite things.

I spent a good part of this afternoon trying to figure out floss for A Changed World since I had the floss tub out putting things back in their place after finishing a different project.   It turns out that although I had planned to use the DMC for this project, the only color called for that I had was black.    Since my DMC are more difficult to sort thru to find alternate colors at the moment because of the way I have them stored, I decided to see what I could find among the hand dyed flosses.     I did not do an exact color match for some of the colors – some of them I wanted a bit brighter or not so grayish – so for the time being these are what I have chosen to use which of course is subject to change when I start stitching on the project and see how well they play together.


I also went looking to see what fabric I might have to use.  I found three of them that will work for this project.  They are all 18 court Aida and they are all Zwiegart bases.

L-R: Picture This Plus Oaken,  PTP Earthen, and Garibaldi’s Needle Works Ecru.  The colors aren’t exactly showing up as true but I think you can tell that the first is the darkest of the three – dark tan, the middle has a pinkish undertone to it, and the last, light  tan.   I’ll figure out which one I want to use one of these days but no rush.  


I hope to get a bit more framing done tonight or tomorrow morning to share.  Just need to get the pieces ironed so I can get started on them.

Farmhouse Christmas Update – nearly done!

I’ve been working on Farmhouse Christmas all this week. I had two blocks left to do when I picked it back up earlier this week – bottom row first and second block from left. Last night I put the final stitches in those and finished the black single line border.

So all that’s left to do is oh, about 120 leaves to add to that red border like are added to the upper left corner. Hmmm an I get them all done today? Maybe, likely not but I can’t wait to get this done and framed well ahead of schedule.

I’ve already got a similar style winter project lined up to work on after this one is done, with a similar plan to work on it a block a month. It is Jack Frost’s Tree Farm – by the same designer as Farmhouse Christmas.