Fully Finished Projects

Despite slicing the pad of my finger yesterday doing something stupid and discovering that I had a leak under my sink (garbage disposal side of sink is leaking and having to pull everything out from under the sink so I can let the maintenance people know tomorrow that they need to take a look at it (not in my plans for yesterday but it did need cleaning out), I managed to get several items fully finished.

free and brave finish

Free & Brave  by The Drawn Thread is finished and glued on it’s hornbook.  I changed a few bits and bobs in it from some of the woven stitches to regular cross stitches and I think the eagle color and leaves are the only colors I used that were called for.    I had ordered the other colors but they were backordered so I substituted a red and blue (the called for blue “Freedom” – aptly named for this project – arrived Saturday in the mail) so a bit late but the CC Blacksmith Blue worked great.   Stitched on 16 ct aida Picture This Plus in Oaken.

peace finish

Peace Be To This House by Kit & Bixby is also now glued on its hornbook (again hornbooks are from Etsy shop Homestead Needleworke).  Stitched on 14 ct Zwiegart Vintage aida Smokey White.  On 14 count the stitched area finishes 3.75″ x 4.5″ so it’s a cute tiny thing.

Then I pulled one from the waiting to be framed pile,  Walk Beside by Tree of Life Samplings.


I love this frame.  I can’t remember what color fabric I used but it is a Picture This Plus 18ct aida.  I changed one color, a gray, to the blue color.  I also put my new point driver to use.  I got a Logan Model F500-2 and it works like and looks similar to a staple gun and makes things soooo easy since I was afraid I’d gouge a finger or worse trying to manually push glazier points in with a screwdriver and some frames are such hard wood I was having a devil of a time so this was definitely a good tool to add to my framing supplies.

I have a pack of colored cardstock that looks like batik fabric printed on it that I have been adding to the back of pieces to cover up the back of the fabric edges on the  foam core.  Here’s what the back of  Walk Beside looks like.


I also used the point driver to finish off the backs and secure everything for two others I had sitting out that I had previously finished.

The back side


And the front of it – Handtuch Sampler.


And also now fully finished/secured Vintage Flowers in its frame.  I still need to add some sort of hanging hardware  to all the framed pieces but I’m not quite ready to start hanging anything on the wall yet and I haven’t figured out what kind I want to use.


So since I finished Free & Brave, I picked up Farmhouse Christmas last night to stitch on.  I don’t have a photo of what I did last night but realized this morning that I had not put the block I am working on in the correct spot.  I had a 50/50 chance since I only have two blocks left to stitch and didn’t even think about it when I started stitching.  However, I’m not ripping it out (since I had started one section too high and had quite a bit one before I noticed it and already ripped a bunch out once).

But a special additional adoption day offer!  I pulled out all the Farmhouse Christmas charts that I have already stitched and not already sent out for adoption.  The adoptees of these charts will be announced next Sunday along with the “regularly scheduled” Sunday adoption.  Remember the rules:  (1) you must have a US mailing address, (2) you must leave a comment on this blog post with the phrase “Christmas in July” in it to let me know you are interested  in adopting the charts, and (3) you must check back on next Sunday’s post to see if you have been chosen and if  so, then send me a PRIVATE email at the email address below my photo on the blog with your mailing address (do not post your address in the comments please).   One lucky person will adopt all five of the charts below.


Anyone else stitching on Christmas projects this month for Christmas in July.  Since it’s nearly 90 degrees and super humid outside it definitely does not feel like Christmas out there.