Free & Brave stitching progress

First – while I realize our temps are not as bad as many parts of the country today – its hot out there and really humid! I just went out to take stuff to the dumpsters and then to the other end of the apt complex to get my mail (because I knew something fun had just been delivered to my mailbox) and I am very happy to be back inside!

I’m making great progress on Free & Brave and hope to maybe get the stitching finished off tonight. Last night I did all the stitching shown except for the house (need to finish it but what is done on the house was finished before last night) and the flag area (I did the part of the flag that is finished today between chores I was doing.


I just noticed I forgot to give the eagle on the roof legs — he’s just floating in mid air right now. ūüôā¬† ¬†The leaves are all satin stitched – had to go get one of my applique needles in order to add stitches in the middle of the aida cloth.¬† I wouldn’t want to do a lot of satin stitch on¬† aida – it’s harder on the hands because of the death grip I had on the hoop while trying to get the needle thru the middle of the weave.¬† ¬†The little blue flower like things are also created by stitching thru the middle of the weave.¬† I changed several areas because the woven type stitches used would have worked well on linen fabric; aida, not so much.¬† There are supposed to be three large red flowers that look sort of like satin stitch but are done in a way that they are woven – nope not doing that.¬† ¬†I’m going to pull out my sampler motif book and find a different flower design to put in those places. .

Oh and isn’t that needle minder cute.¬† It makes me smile every time I look at it.¬† ¬†Whenever I order from Kitten Stitcher I have to order a new needle minder or¬† two or more and anxiously await my order to see what I got because this type is just a grab bag sort of thing – you don’t get to pick specific ones.¬† I have a friend who has all kinds of magnets on her cabinet by her desk so I think the old fashioned typewriter one I got will have¬† to be added to her collection.¬† I always plan to give some of them away as gifts but¬† so far they are all too cute to part with and I have my excess ones stuck along my stitching lamp arm.¬†¬†

What I retrieved from my mailbox today as these Рtwo hornbook boards that I had ordered from Homestead Needleworke (Etsy).   The blue one I got to mount Free & Brave on.  The skinnier black one is for a little stitch I finished not long ago which I plan to get mounted on the board sometime this weekend.