Why do I do it?

or in this case, why don’t I do it?   I told myself after finishing each stitching project I would get all my flosses back on the rings they belong on, grouped by type of floss, in alphabetical order.  So much easier if they are kept that way when going to pull floss for a new project or see if I have the ones I want.   Well, for some projects I do that and for some I just toss them to the side in a basket.  Plus I ordered floss for some upcoming projects so had new stuff tossed in that basket too.  Well I do know why I don’t do it – I’m too excited to get on to the next project – I’ve always been that way with sewing, quilting, knitting.

So this afternoon I cleaned up all the cross stitching stuff and got it all put back in it’s proper place, project bags emptied of floss no longer need, and all back in alphabetical order BEFORE deciding on what my next project will be (which it turns out was none of the potential ones I showed in my prior post).

This is my laptop table covered with the Weeks floss that has been sorted into piles according to the first letter of the name.



The brand of the most hand dyed flosses I have is Weeks Dye Works.  I keep them on rings alphabetically but I had put some back in the wrong order and I had them broken down by ring – like A thru M on one ring and O thru Z on another but that definitely need to be broken down into more rings since they were too full.  Plus,  most of the new stuff I had ordered was Weeks.  So each group the put in alphabetical order on the rings and a tag added to the front of the ring with what letters are on it like A thru C so then I also know where the beginning of alphabetical arrangement is in case things get topsy turvey on the ring.  The rest of the other flosses were all put back too so all is tidy in my floss world.

Leftover Aida pieces cut off from framing, etc.  were put back in their bags with the labels as to what they are and put back in the box that holds them by count and table next to my chair cleared off.  Only bad thing was in my craziness to get all the floss alphabetized, I took apart a floss ring of random colors that I was using for a long term project.  Oh well, I was just picking project for each motif as I went and there’s just a little bit I will likely pull out since I have no clue what color it was done in and it needs to all be the same.  There’s only one color that I’m keeping consistent through out and I found that one back and stuck it in the project bag.  Crisis averted! 

Seems like I just did all this not long ago (and I hate doing it) so may be I’ll remember next time and it will be incentive to take care of it right away after each project (or not) 🙂

I decided to start a new patriotic piece since the 4th of July is coming up and since July is my birthday month I tend to gravitate towards patriotic red/white/blue stuff.  It’s called Free & Brave by The Drawn Thread.

Free & Brave

It has some satin stitch leaves and an interesting looking interwoven satin stitch (or at least that is what I would call it) for the flowers.   Lots of times specialty stitches don’t work on Aida but I think these might and if not I’ll just switch them to something else.  My flosses are pulled and I just need to decide what fabric I want to use.

Catherine Dickenson 1840 Stitching Finished

Catherine Dickenson 1840

This is such a sweet little (as far as samplers go) stitch.  The stitched area is 7.25″ x 8.75″ on the 18 count Aida I used.  After I finished off this one last night I worked a bit on the border of Farmhouse Christmas, in between digging through charts and fabric to see what I might want to start next.

At the moment it’s a toss up between these charts:

  • Winter Rose Manor by Brenda GervaisWINTERROSEMANOR
  • Little Deeds Sampler by The Scarlett House  – another small sampler  LITTLE DEEDS
  • Early Morning Read – Blackbird DesignsEarlyMorningRead-Weekend Quilts & Projects book

I remembered I had a quilt book or two by Blackbird Designs and that their quilt books alot of times have a cross stitch project and rug hook project in them in addition to the quilt designs.  This one is in Weekend Quilts and Projects book which came out in 2011 but is still available. It has quite the fancy lettering in it with all kinds of little doodads on them.


  • or Coming to American – The Women of the Mayflower

coming to america

I plan to do a modified version of this one – leaving out all the names in the middle but including the other wording – but need to do some figuring to see how many stitches long it will be in my version.

But I’ll mull over those ideas which I’m doing some other things today  and probably go check the pattern basket to see what else is in there before making a final decision.

Yesterday I got my replacement frame (they originally sent me the wrong size – not what I ordered – but let me keep that frame for free and sent me the correct one) for Farmhouse Christmas which really makes me want to get that project done soon.  I still have  two more blocks and border work to do yet and I think I’ll wait until next month (Christmas in July) to work on the next block and more of the border). 

I also got the frame for Walk Beside so I may get that one framed later today and try out my new  Point Driver Gun (similar to a staple gun but inserts framing points in the the back of frames to hold your work in place).  The point driver should make doing that part of framing so much easier.

It’s a gray overcast rainy – really humid! – day here and has been for the past couple days and looks like that trend will continue a few more.  We need the rain but it feels like good mosquito hatching weather out there – I haven’t seen any yet but I think they may be showing up soon.