Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad! Since I showed a past birthday wall hanging I had made him, here’s one of the Father’s Day gifts I made him in the past- one of my favorites called Heads or Tails.


I won’t show you another progress photo of my current cross stitch project – if you scroll down to the past several posts you can see it and I have finished the large middle flower (after ripping out one group  of flowers on a stem because I had them placed wrong).  I’ll wait to show it when it’s done.    I am already planning my next stitch of course.  Leading contenders are the  Coming to America Women of the Mayflower chart that friend Judy enabled me to buy.  It’s been  sitting next to my stitching chair and it is calling to me.  But Little Deeds is also a possibility.  Also Peace Be To This House – I love the colors used in this little design.  And it is little – charted for 14 ct and it’s small on that size.  If I do it on 18ct, the stitched area would only be 3″ x 3.5″ – very petite.  But I have a few days before I have to decide what’s next because when I get done with the current stitch, I will stitch on the next block for Farmhouse Christmas.

Yesterday I put together two of the frames I had ordered from Custom Frame Solutions that didn’t come preassembled.  Easy to assemble and I had them done in no time.   One of them was the frame I had ordered for Vintage Flowers.  I had previously showed a frame with that design that I had ordered for a different project but they sent me the wrong size – not the size I ordered (they are letting me keep the wrong size frame free of charge and sending me the correct size I ordered).   Anyway both frames look good but I think I am going to go with my original plan – the top photo.  The bottom photo is the free frame – that’s the style frame I will be using on my Farmhouse Christmas.   Now I just need to remember what I ordered the other little frame I put together for ….

vintage flowers frame

VF frame

It’s chart adoption day and last week’s chart to be adopted, Easter Peeps Parade, goes to Karen Seitz.
block6This week’s chart up for adoption is  Pinewood Farm – one of the Farmhouse Christmas block charts.  If you are interested in adopting it, leave a comment with the word Farm in it.  Remember, you must have a US address and you must check back next Sunday to see if you were chosen and, if so, send me a private email with your mailing address (do not post your address in the comments section).  My email address can be found in the blog sidebar under my photo.

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  1. It is always amazing to see the stitching progress you make each week. I would like to enter for adopting Farm.
    PS the Heads and Tails has also been one of my favorites; it is so happy!

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