Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is Dad’s 85th birthday!   Below is a birthday wall hanging I made him for his 70th birthday.

dads birthday quilr

That was a very fun project to make – finding just the right fabrics.  Angel Food cake was always the family birthday cakes for a fabric mottled with a darker tan like angel food cakes get around the edges where it touches the pan,  raspberry print, blueberry print and a brown batik for the three scoop ice cream dish which has three banana slice printed fabrics added to the edge of the bowl, and the border with birthday gifts, birthday hats and balloons on it.  A really fun project which I think they still pull out and hang over the back of a chair each year at birthday time.  Mom’s birthday follows in just a couple days so June is the birthday month at their house.  I will finally get to visit them in person next month – I haven’t seen them since the very end of 2019 I think.  Early 2020 I broke my arm so it was before that  and then Covid happened so it’s been a long time since I last saw them.

And a quick update on my stitching project.   I still have the lines between the letters to add and border but I started working on the bottom motifs last night.