Alphabets and initials are done


This seems to be moving along quite quickly.  My progress as of last night.  I have all the lettering done.  

I did in fact use three initials for my immediate family (with one exception – one of my grandmother’s gets three initials because  my grandfather died and she remarried so she has both my grandfather’s last name initials with her first name initial)  so in the first initial row I have my Mom, my sister, the next two are grandmothers and last in that row is my Aunt (Mom’s sister).  Next row is my Dad, my two brothers, my three uncles (Dad’s brothers).  Last row is of course my name and then my three grandfathers.   I was lucky because I just winged it.  I knew I wanted to put all all the ladies initials on one line and then all the gents and it worked out beautifully.   There are dividing lines between each line of alphabet/initials – I have started to add one.  and borders all around but I wanted to make sure I was going to be able to stay within the charted border with the text and it ended perfectly.  I’ll add all those border lines in but first I want to get the bottom line in so that I can work on some of the fun motifs at the bottom in between adding in the lines.  

I did have to rip out one of the “H’s” because I got carried away  adding stitches to it and now that I look at the photo I see one of the H’s is missing one stitch in the middle so I need to go fix that.    Yes, there are three sets of HR initials in the family.   Just like in quilting, I find the mistakes or omissions in cross stitch are more easy to pick up looking at a photo than the project you have in your hands.   Now to go fix that H.