Catherine Dickenson 1840 Chart – progress

I love doing alphabets – they seem to move along so quickly and its more interesting when every two letters is a different color.   That “just two more letters, just two more letters….” syndrome sets in and I end up stitching later than I had intended.


Again, here’s what the chart looks like.  I have the first three rows of letters completed and the next two rows are initials – initials of Catherine Dickenson’s family members.  Those two lines will be replaced with initials of my family members.  My plan is to use all three initials of my immediate family members – parents, sister and 2 brothers – and then only first and last initials for grandparents and I think I will have room to add my mother’s sister and dad’s three brothers.  One of my grandmothers I will use three initials for – my “first” grandfather died when I was a baby so I don’t remember him but she remarried so I’ll use her first name initialr, her first married initial and then her last married initial.  I’m going to use the style alphabet that is in the first line and a half of the chart – all capital letters.

I ended up using all the called for threads except for the gold color – my called-for gold was too brown and there’s already two shades of brown in the letters so I picked a brighter gold.

Here’s my progress as of last night.

cd progress