What’s next, you ask??

I know you are just waiting to hear what I’m going to be stitching on next.  🙂 Well after I went digging through the smaller frames to see if I had something to fit Walk Beside (I don’t, it’s an odd size – I need a 7″ x 10″ frame so that has been ordered along with another small one), I pulled out the basket of charts and decided upon a lovely little sampler.  I like small or smallish samplers.  While there are many large ones that are just beautiful, I know me and I know I would get bored stitching them and the ones I do really like are charted for linen so that rules them out for me..  So far I have been really good finishing what I start.  I do have Farmhouse Christmas – but that was planned as year long project which I will get finished by the end of the year if not sooner.  I also have the Dog Declaration and that is a large project – which I have been working on in between projects and that I hadn’t planned to get done until early next year.  So unlike my knitting and quilting projects – I do not have lots of WIPS (works in progress).  And my plan is to keep it that way.

One of the projects I had contemplated working on next was Vintage Birds – sort of a companion piece to Vintage Flowers.  But I would have had to order the pattern and I’ve cut myself off from pattern and fabric ordering (of course that was after friend Judy showed Coming to America.)  I actually had also been searching for that chart so do have that one coming still and I think there is a back ordered pattern I’m still waiting for.  But I have a lovely little collection of patterns to choose from which will keep me happy for quite some time.

Okay – rambling – what chart is it I have picked – It’s a reproduction sampler, Catharine Dickenson 1840.DSCN0861

The two “buds” on the center floral motif are 1 over 1 – I think what they call “buds” are those two striped sections near the bottom of the stem – and I will just change that so it works for me.  I know many people stitch reproduction samplers exactly as they are charted and there are debates about whether or not you should change the name in the sampler to your own if the original stitcher’s name is in the chart.  I’m not going to open that up for debate here  – but I likely won’t be putting her name on the sampler but will include mine instead.


Here’s the fabric and threads I’ll be using.  It’s 16 count, hand dyed Aida and the color is Regency.  It has a slightly greenish gray mottled look to it.  I had most of the called for threads but I may change just a few.  The gold is brighter than called for since the called for overdyed floss was more brown in the skein I had – there’s a lot of different shades of brown so I wanted the gold to stand out a bit more.   I may also switch one of the browns to a darker gray but will wait to see when I get to it. I also chose a lighter shade of gray.  The stitched area will end up being about 8.5″ square.

This afternoon I picked up one of the perforated paper sled pieces I had previously started and finished one off and got a small start on the next since I had room on the same piece of paper to add one more.


And I don’t think I had previously shown this elf one holding a package which I finished about two weeks ago.


Teach…Guide…Walk Beside

walk beside

This was a fun stitch.  I made some changes to the design to accommodate the alphabet I chose to replace the one over one alphabet in the chart.   I also discovered that in more than one place the image on the chart cover does not match the  charted stitches, so adapted those (either choosing charted section or the way it looked on the cover photo) as I felt like it.  I also changed a color or two and like how it turned out.  I especially love the border and corner squares.


It will get put aside for the moment until I have time to dig through the frames.  I think I might have one that will fit this.  The stitched area on the fabric I used is about 5″ x 8.25″.  I started this June 6 so it took about a week to stitch.

Now on to the pattern adoption recipient from last week and this week’s chart to be adopted. Remember – it is your responsibility to check back next Sunday if you put your name in as an adopter of a chart to see if you have been selected and must have a US mailing address. I think I still have one or two recipients from May 23 who haven’t responded with their addresses.  If I don’t get an email with mailing addresses, the charts will just be tossed back in my stack next weekend and put up for adoption. I’ve got stitching (and other stuff to do) so I am not sending out individual emails to each person asking for their email –  if you want to adopt charts you need to check back to see if you have been chosen.  As for being chosen – the adoption of Vintage Flowers goes to Ruth Chow. My email address can be found on my blog in the section under my photo so please send me a private email with your mailing address rather than leaving your address in the comment section. Thanks.

EasterPeepParade - With Thy Needle and Thread This week’s chart for adoption is Easter Peep Parade.  Leave a comment with the word Easter in it if you are interested in adopting the chart.

Now I need to clean up and put away my flosses while I contemplate just what I might want to stitch on next.