A delicious dinner

When I was trying to figure out what I wanted for dinner tonight (as I was cleaning out the fridge to figure out what needed to be added to my grocery order for tomorrow), I realized I had all this bits and bobs of leftovers that would make a delicious quiche.   Although I normally would make my own pie crust, I most reserve home made crusts for actual dessert pies, plus I had one lone premade crust in the fridge so I put that to good use.


It’s not pretty (but it was delicious)  – the premade crusts just fit into this large pie tin without leftovers to make a fancy crimped edge – but this is a super heavy pie tin which helps pies bake evenly so it’s my favorite one to use.  It’s basically a Denver Quiche  – diced ham, green bell pepper, onion and cheese.  After I stuck that in the oven I was thinking fruit salad or green salad or……and then I spied the pineapple and  decided  Pineapple Casserole it would be. Yum  two of my favorite things and they went very well together and of course there’s leftovers of each.  Although I’m not big on eating leftovers – both of these I am more than happy to eat as leftovers.  I’m even contemplating for tomorrow heating up a bit of pineapple casserole and adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top!  Fruit and dairy – would that make it a breakfast food? 🙂   And yes, I did have to take a bit of a scoop out of it when it was piping hot from the oven – I wasn’t going to eat yet for a little while so I had to make sure it was good!

Quick Progress Update

So here is the chart cover for the project I’ve been stitching on this week.  I should be able to finish this one off later today.

walk beside

Here’s my progress so far.


I’ve got the flower buds to add to the top border, the motifs in the top right border corner and next to the word “Teach” and the two sheep in the bottom.  I started one of the sheep last night but the white is not showing up enough – I don’t want them looking like the photo in the chart cover – you can’t tell what they so are.  I was thinking about gray or black but in looking at it just now, I think I may actually just go with the gold color used in the piece and make golden sheep.   I think they are sheep anyway – they have longer legs but maybe they are freshly shorn so their legs show more. 🙂

As has  been my usual M.O. the past few weekends – I got off to a slow/late start today but  laundry is going, kitchen is nearly cleaned up, so time for a coffee break before tackling the breakfast bar which has stuff piled on it from one end to the other. I just opened the door to see what it is like outside — another day of hot and HUMID!  Best to just stay inside and stitch.

ETA – Oh I resolved the issue of the alphabet being stitched one over one (which I can’t do on Aida cloth) by moving the words to the left a bit and respacing them and then found a small alphabet in The Ultimate Sampler Motifs Source Book by Brenda Keyes to use instead.  The alphabet was laid out in the chart in two lines just the way I stitched them so I just needed to make sure I counted back from the right side of the piece to get my starting place and then stitched in the box around it to make it fit.