Walk Beside

walk beside

I finished the stitching on Berry Bird last night but forgot to take a photo – I’ll post that later.  So last night started on Walk Beside.  I’m using most of the called for colors but changed one or two.  There was a grayish color I changed to a blue and I haven’t decided what color I’ll make those two sheep on the bottom that are barely showing up in the pattern photo.    Plus I’m going to make some other changes.  The alphabet within the red square are petit stitches – quarter stitches on Aida or the equivalent of one over one on linen.   I really hate when descriptions of patterns don’t include if they have one over one stitching or petit stitch.  Even if I would have bought the chart in person – it says nothing on the back of of it about it and only if you purchase the chart an open it up does it tell you.  Oh well, I plan to just make some adjustments.

I started on this last night as I was contemplating how I want to redo that alphabet area (or put something else there).  After getting part of the upper left motif in the border done I realized the chart has an error – one stitch code is not in the right place compared to the other two places that have that same motif that make up the corner sections.  I don’t believe it is a design element – just an error since the cover image looks to be stitched the way I changed it to – so I ripped that back to fix it because it just looked wrong and would have bugged me.

walk beside progress

Then, when I put in that little blue scrolly design, on the left side it starts with sort of 

x                                                                                   x

    x x x                                                         x x x


It has a stitch above and below the three stitches that follow it as shown in my little example on the left above in red.   It’s a symetrical design except it  ends on the right as shown on the right in my example – the bottom stitch is missing after the three end stitches.   That “might?” be a design element – I can see it is actually stitched that way on the cover image – but that TOTALLY would have driven me nuts so I changed that.

I think If I change the placement of the words a bit – move them to the left a little and I think “Walk Beside” really needs to be centered over the scrolly motif – I may have enough space to stitch the alphabet in 1 over 1 on the Aida.  I’m going to work my way from left to right and after getting the words in figure out if my plan will work or if I need to extend the border to the right just a bit to fit it in.

I do love the way the border looks with my color tweak from Muddy Puddle (a gray) to the blue I used.

theeads used


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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I did complete my Farmhouse series–I added eyes to my people and sheep–changed colors on a couple of the roofs–added one new color of brown to the tree trunks and fencing and added alot more cardinals–I also did not do alot of the snow in the sky on the trees etc–just kept the snow on the ground–I would never of done all these if not for you and the challenge–once I started it–I did keep at it–(hated the white frame borders going around each block–I kept messing up the count/threads–I use 28 ct uneven fabric!!!)
    Thanks again for the challenge–Diane

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