What a differenced a week makes

Last weekend it was in the 50’s for a high temp and in the 30’s at night.  As of 6pm today – it’s 91 degrees!  That’s hot for where we are.  The good thing is (1) I don’t really have to go outside but (2) when I did go out to take some photos shown below, it is not really humid and since we’ve been so droughted, the mosquitoes are not out by me.   But I’m glad I didn’t have to be out in the heat all day.

Progress so far on Berry Bird – I’m nearly finished.  I hadn’t noticed until last night that the little strawberry that the bird holds in its beak and the eye section are stitched over one (since linen was called for) but of course since I’m stitching on Aida that doesn’t work.  So in order to get the pupil in the eye I will just put in a french knot which will work perfectly.   For the strawberry in the mouth – I was going to make a small one without the seed dots but I think I like it better without, so will just leave that off.   I’m still contemplating what Blackbird Design I want to work on for Blackbird Weekend SAL but will finish off this project first since there’s just a leave and three strawberries to go.


Three frames I ordered  arrived today.  Here’s photos of two of them – the 3rd one I have to assemble myself.  I’m not sure what the criteria is for whether they assemble it or they send it to you in pieces with the stuff to assemble yourself – they just say that some frames may not be preassembled.  I have only gotten two (including the one in this order) that were not preassembled.  It seems to be square measurement frames – at least  from my personal experience so far – that are sent in pieces.  The one I need to assemble also came from a different location than the others so maybe that’s part of it too.  Who knows, but I’ll get that one put together – just a bit of wood glue and sliding the brackets they send along into the precut slots.

Anyway – here’s one I ordered – the stitching is just sitting below the frame but I hope to get this framed this weekend.  When I ordered this I was hoping the dark green frame would be similar in color to the green vines/leaves in the piece and I absolutely love it.  It has just a bit of distressed look along the edges and is perfect for this piece.  It’s also wide enough that it could stand on a shelf instead of hanging on a wall.


The frame below is not actually the one I ordered for Vintage Flowers but it does look very good with it.  I will have to wait until I put together the one in pieces (which is the actual one I ordered for this stitch) to decide which to use.   This frame is actually not the size I ordered – I’ve already emailed the company and with their excellent customer service in the past I’m sure we can come up with a plan to rectify the issue.  This frame (in the correct size) is the style I ordered to use with Farmhouse Christmas.  It’s one of my favorite styles and is available in several colors – I should have taken a close up because my photo below doesn’t really show the details of the frame.  But seeing it in person confirms it is the frame I definitely want to use for Farmhouse Christmas so hopefully it is still in stock so they can make me the original size I requested..

VF frame