June 2 2021 Vintage Flower progress


Another progress photo – getting closer to a finish on this but still some sections to fill in.

I was going to take this to work with me today to work on during my lunch hour but forgot.  Today tho – a step forward – the first day we did NOT have to wear our masks all day at the office.  Still need to wear them in public areas of the building I work in (lobby and elevators)  but it was nice not to have to wear it all day tho it seemed very wierd, and nice to see the smiling faces of some of my coworkers.  And the new people hired during COVID – well so THAT’S what they really look like – I’ve never seen them without a mask.    Now the down side of the office reopening to the public (tho not a tragedy) – no more wearing jeans every day but I guess I can adapt back to Friday only jeans days. 🙂