May 9, 2021


Happy Mother’s Day to all that title pertains to but most importantly to my Mom.  I talked to her on Friday and her Mother’s Day gift had arrived.

Yesterday I decided it was time to finally figure out how to organize some of the cross stitch stuff rather than having it scattered here and here.  The surface next to where I stitch was again littered with floss, new floss that had trickled in recently, floss rings for projects recently finished that needed to be put away – yes it general it was just a mess.


I didn’t have any plastic containers that were the right width or height – I wanted to stack the fabrics on their sides so I could put dividers between them to separate 14 count, 16, 18, 20, 22 and a few different fabrics I have that aren’t Aida.  Then I spied the empty Roundy’s (a grocery store) grocery carrier.  It’s one of those hard bottom collapsing kind so very sturdy and holds its shape well and will fit on a shelf.  So all the fabric got sorted and it’s all in one place so I can easily go thru it to see what colors I have in what sizes.

And just so you know, one can never have too many book rings – especially if they are in fun colors.  So handy.  These rings hold little trims and other doodads for cross stitching embellishment – hand dyed mini pom poms, ribbons and chenille, little buttons, mini metal pine cones and acorns, bells and the cutest little metal cookie cutter type shapes I can wait to embellish a little holiday pin pillow with.

This is also where I’ll store my floss stash – in the closet in the sewing room the metal shelves have that rod along the bottom perfect to  clip the rings on to.


Right now I only have the hand dyed flosses in there that aren’t in use at the moment – each kind in alphabetical order on a ring so I can easily check to see if I have a specific color.   As I use the DMC for projects I’m converting it all to floss tags so I can hang them in here too grouped by numerical order.   My goal when starting a project will be to put all the floss I’ll be using on floss tag that aren’t already and then when I finish a project (and before starting a new one) take all the floss I was using and sort it back to the appropriate place in the closet ready for the next time I need it.  That’s the plan anyway …. we’ll see how well I carry through with that. ….


I picked up Farmhouse Christmas last night and decided to work on the block I had about half done and finished that one off.  The block is called “Dairy Darlin.”

I had previously thought I’d change the calf color to black and white but then realized the face wouldn’t show up nor the hooves so I just left it as is.

Here’s a photo of the entire project. I’m ahead of schedule so far.  I need to update my Farmhouse page to add photos of the latest blocks I’ve finished – I am behind in adding those.  Anyone stitching along on this project with Judy and I that has photos to share?


Okay – on to the adoption day update.  Last week’s chart  – Snow Sampler – is adopted by Carol Denning.  Carol please email me your mailing address.

This week’s pattern up for adoption is A Country Sampler by Plum Street Samplers.  This one was really fun to stitch.

20210110_4If you have a US mailing address and would like to adopt this pattern to stitch yourself, please leave a comment on this post that has the work “sheep” somewhere in it and the random generator will do its thing and winner announced next Sunday.

Also – double adoption day today – the Farmhouse Christmas block I just finished, Dairy Darlin, can be adopted by leaving the word “Darlin” in your comment.

If you like both patterns, you can put both key words in your comment, but if chosen will only receive one of the charts listed for adoption (which will be of my choosing) and then I’ll draw again for the second chart.

Oh and one other note – there have been several comments left for adoption charts where they are from “anonymous” commenters – meaning I cannot see your email address.  Your email address is only visible to me when I go into my WordPress account and click on your comment to get it, which I only do if you have adopted a pattern.  So if you are “anonymous” I will simply have to award it to a different adoptee.

Now to find some lunch!!  Half the afternoon is gone.

11 comments on “May 9, 2021

  1. I love Paulette’s (of Plum Street Samplers) designs and was just checking out the ones on sale at 123 Stitch last night. There are some good ones, but I don’t think any of the ones currently on sale have sheep! Thanks for offering your patterns for adoption!

  2. It would be wonderful to stitch darlin or sheep. The collection you chose is exceptional. Your organization will have you whizzing thru your patterns in no time!

  3. The sheep would look great hanging in my daughters country house. It would make a great birthday present for her. I love your colored book rings. I’ve only seen plain ones. I like the idea of hanging the floss and floss bags on the rings. My box of floss bags got accidentally dumped so is a mess. Do you think it would work to hang the floss rings on the bottom of a hanger so they could be easily taken out of the closet when needed? I don’t know if it would work or if they would all want to slide to one end.

  4. Hi, Denise. I just wanted to let you know that I received the “Mother” chart that you gave away. Thank you so much, it’s lovely. Those are quite darlin sheep that you have there, lol. Thanks again, Pam.

  5. I love the country sampler. You are such a fast cross stitcher. Even while working. I wish I was that quick

  6. Such cute patterns and beautiful needlework! I especially love the barn with the quilt block and the sheep. Would love to “adopt” this pattern.

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