May 8, 2021

It’s been a weird week – I’ve been off on what day it is all week. It started with having to go into the office on Tuesday, a day I was working at home, to get my second Covid shot. We were able to get one of the pharmacies to come to our office to do Covid shots which was very nice. But that meant work from home in the AM, having my chauffeur (good friend) pick me up at home and drop off at the office for my 12:30 appointment and wait 20 minutes for me, and then go back home to finish working for the day. I had suggested earlier in the week that since it would be late lunch time after my shot, we night drive thru to pick up lunch somewhere (that’s as adventurous as we’re getting – some day we’ll actually go back into a restaurant or actually eat our drive thru with each other rather than taking it to our respective homes – but not just yet.) She thought it an excellent idea and asked where I wanted to get drive thru and I told her she had to pick (she had been mentioning craving McDonalds fries since she hadn’t had any since the pandemic started so I figured it would be there.) 🙂 That was several days before the shot day. The day before, she said she had been planning where to go and asked how much time I had for lunch – hmmm where is she planning to go? She explained McDonalds fries are better than Culvers but Culvers fish sandwich is better than McDonalds – I totally agree with her opinions. But it would be a bit longer drive to get to the location where both McDonalds and Culvers are next to each other – only about 4-5 miles beyond my apartment and it was a nice day for a short jaunt into the country past a huge solar farm. So yes, that’s exactly what we did and it was delicious.

The on Wednesday I was home for a sick day – chills, fever and headache – aftermath of my second shot. So napped or cross stitched most of the day – and by 8pm that day only a slight headache remained. Thursday was a work from home day so by the end of the day on Friday on the way home for work I was totally confused as to what day it was but got a lot of stuff done at the office, even with being out a day, so it was a good end to the week afterall.

All that is to say I have finished Spell of the Moon much quicker than anticipated since I got a lot of work on it done on Wednesday in between naps. This was my #Blackbird Designs Weekend SAL project. This will be finished into a little pin pillow for Fall / Halloween.


I also finished the stitching on the Coverlet Berry Scissor Tray by The Scarlett House.  I love everything about this one.  The metal tray I found is a different size than the one the pattern called for.  It’s just slightly wider but longer.   I grabbed my sampler motif book (Brenda Keys) and found an alphabet and some numbers to add down each side to fill in the extra width and added simple borders on sides and top and bottom using a little four stitch repeat that was used at the top of the large middle leaf.

coverlet berry tray

At the moment it is just folded and placed in the bottom of the tin to make sure the size was right.  I’ll finish it properly and use a magnet clued to the back to keep it secured to the metal tray.  That way if I want to switch out this design for a while and put a different on in the tray, I can easily remove it.  I also added in a few extra smaller motifs to fill in some of the areas where it seemed to need them.

And last stitching to show for today – I began working on the Dog’s Declaration design – which is going to take a good long time to stitch but I’m off to a good start.  I figured I start with the largest motif in the center top and if I survived that the rest would be easy. 🙂  I was getting bored with greens (there are three different greens in that section but with the shading in the Valdani threads, some of them look similar in parts so I had to really pay attention but it was not bad at all.  And when I got bored with the green, I dropped down to the lower motifs to get some different colors stitched and to get the first of many dogs stitched.


I think this will be fun to stitch on because each motif will be a separate little finish on the piece.  I plan to work on this one, along with Farmhouse Christmas off and on, and will pick a smaller, less intense piece to work on between those two.  Farmhouse I want to have done and framed for the holiday season this year, and Dogs’ I’d like to have finished by the end of the year too if possible but will likely go beyond that before it is finished since I have some other stuff I want to get stitched.