May 30 2021

Talk about a wasted day – all my nights of insomnia must have caught up with me and I slept late, drank some coffee, stitched a bit and fell back asleep, woke up loaded the dishwasher, had a another cup of coffee and stitched a bit, did a few other cleaning tasks and sat down and fell asleep.  I hate days like that – so many things I want to do that I didn’t get done.  Good thing it is a three-day weekend so I can get some stuff done tomorrow. Like order carpet cleaner since I just dumped over something on the carpet that contained dipping sauces like hot sauce and honey mustard and ketchup.  What a mess – I cleaned it up, sprayed it with the last of some cleaner I had here but I just should have stayed napping I guess!

I did get a bit more done on Vintage Flowers between last night and today.  Some of the leaves and vines in pot, two red flowers and the bird.  I had to change out one of the three colors used in the red flowers because the lighter color called for was not quite right.  Hand dyed flosses are like hand dyed fabrics – the one you get may not be the exact shades of the one shown in the pattern.


The charts up for adoption this Sunday are  He Is Risen Pillow Tuck. 

He is Risen I

f you are interested in adopting that chart leave a comment on this post with the word Risen in it. 

homefortheholidays-shepherds-bush The other one is Home for the Holidays – put the word Holidays in it.  This one the chart cover photo doesn’t really do it justice in my opinion – I think it looks much better framed than in the fabric shown but to each their own.   It does use a lovely variegated floss for all the words – I had to buy more after I used it in this one so that I would have it on hand for some other project with words in the future. 

Remember you must have a US mailing address and check back next week to see if you have been chosen as an adopter.

And just a note – one comment per person and it must contain the key word(s) I indicate for whatever chart(s) you wish to adopt and they must be spelled correctly.  I don’t want to waste a lot of time with picking who gets the charts.  I read all the comments as they come in but I don’t go back a week later to read each one to figure out if words are spelled correctly as I’m sure you can understand.  I copy and paste all the comments into a word document, use Find to search for the word I have listed for each chart to get total number of commenters interested in it.  I  use that total number of prospective adopters in the random generator to then get the generated number,  count down the number of comments that have that word highlighted in it to the number the generator chose to get the adopter.  If you have typos in the key words, it won’t select your comment in the Find search.

So the adopters of last weeks charts are listed below.  Please email me privately with your mailing address.

Quiltmaker – Cathy H.

Raspberry – Pam Beck

Sampler – Quilter44

Harvest – Peg Kennedy

Shepherd – Marie Gilkey

I may have to go just sit in my chair and stitch for the rest of the night so I don’t make any more of a mess (yes, I’m staring at you orangey splotches on my carpet!) 

Vintage Flowers progress


That large purple flower took a very long time to finish with it’s two different colored leaves and vines and three different colors of purple in it.  Now on to the big flowers in the urn or maybe the bird first.

A Country Sampler – Framed


I did get this piece I wanted to frame last night finished so I put away my framing supplies to play with another day now that I got three items framed.  This one has a frame that is thick enough so it can sit on a shelf on it’s own so it’s sitting on the revolving bookcase for now.  Yes I know it has a snowman in it but it also has sheep and green grass so clearly that snowman must be an inflatable one that someone hasn’t taken down yet! LOL  Seriously I never noticed the incongruousness of the snowman versus the green grass until now.

May 26, 2021 framing finishes and other fun stuff


The wooden pencil box got a second coat of paint yesterday and today I rubbed on some finishing wax so just need to let it sit for a couple days and then add the cross stitched pieces to each side.


These are what will go on it.  They are attached to self-stick mounting board and all ready to be glued on when the box is ready.

I finished the framing on both of these two stitches today.  All that is needed is to get hanging hardware once I figure out what I want to use.

brownswiss dairy


And the progress on Vintage Flowers so far.  

vintage flowers

Just the R and S and the alphabet will be done.  I need to figure out some floss substitutions tho after I finish making some meatloaf to stick in the oven because most of the motifs along the row under the letters use colors I don’t have.

I also want to finish framing one more little piece tonight.  I’ve got the foam core and batting cut. I have one old rotary cutter that I don’t like for cutting fabric but it’s perfect for cutting foam core board; I can use my quilting rulers and get perfect straight cuts.  So hopefully I’ll get this piece framed tonight too.



A bit more cleaning


I spent a bit more time this afternoon moving things about in the sewing room.  Three shelves have been rearranged and organized.  A stack of quilt tops waiting to be quilted have been moved to a new location but I had to refold them a bit and stop to pet all the lovely colors.  Yes I will definitely get back to working on quilts sometime this summer.

I pulled out two frames for things I want to work on framing and got all the other frames organized, wrapped in bubble wrap sand standing on end on a shelf; all the other cross stitch supplies found a home on those shelves too so they have finally found a permanent location.  Pulled out the wooden box I needed to paint before I can add the little cross stitch flats to each side.  That’s drying and tomorrow I’ll see if it needs a second coat or not.  I had intended to sit outside on the patio to paint it since I finally pulled the table back onto the patio from where it was stored against the building all winter but, well those flowers above in the photos below – they are oh so lovely in the trees but those are the ones that make it smell like a perfume factory has exploded outside my door so I can’t even sit out there right now or leave the door open.


I also got the floss ready and pulled some fabric for Vintage Flowers.  The fabric is 18 ct Picture This Plus in the color Bramble.  A very very light gray hand dyed fabric.  I still have to find some substitutes for 3 or 4 colors I’m missing but I’ll start on the lettering later tonight.

vintageflowers 18ct Bramble PTP

Oh and I also figured out the frame I want for Farmhouse Christmas so placed an order for that.


I also just remembered a friend gave me some rhubarb last Friday so I think I will need to make something with that tomorrow – just need to decide what.  Okay one last flower photo.

Farmhouse Christmas Progress 5-24-21


Pinewood Farm block was  finished last night.   And since I was too lazy to go look thru the Aida for something to use for the Vintage Flowers chart, I decided to work on the borders for Farmhouse.  I got the red part of the border completely finished and then worked on the black-looking line border and have that nearly half done.

So here’s  a photo of my progress as of last night.   Only two more blocks to fill in.


I’m ahead of schedule but that’s because this is such a fun projecLittle House Needleworkst to work on and I am anxious to start on a similar (separate blocks stitched into one project) called Jack Frosts’s Tree Farm.  I’ve got all the charts and the floss for that one.  That one is 7 blocks but one of them is the equivalent of an entire row and then 6 of the smaller blocks below that.  I love all the pine trees in that larger block and the woody wagon and red pickup blocks are really cute too.

The Sewing Room

What can I say about the sewing room except….its a mess!  But I get in there for a bit this afternoon to start cleaning up, tossing out, and putting away.  Everything just sort of gets tossed in there and the door closed to deal with another day but “another” day has started and over the next couple of days I’ll spend some time in there putting things in order.  Of course since I did spend about 2 hours in there today (when I really wanted to be stitching), my reward is dinner delivery which also includes some ice cream with it.

I’m in a bit of a ruthless cleaning mood – things I have been moving around in there for years were on the chopping block.  For instance, that sweater that when I pinned together for seaming I realized was way too big and I never really liked the feel of the yarn – nope not going to finish that so into the trash it went.  Another sweater pieces in cotton that I was making for someone else but in cotton and again, hated the yarn – it’s out of here.   And it was good to get the stockpile of empty boxes broken down so they can go to the recycling.  I liked that Amazon could get me things during the pandemic that I would have normally gone to a local store for if it were not for that but I hate that they ship in boxes  much larger than needed.  So I got a good start and I can also see the entire top of the table.  Enough for one day.

20210227_1So on to the cross stitch chart adoption.  The odds of winning were very good for last week’s chart – only two commenters were interested in adopting it and the chart will be going to Debbie D.

And since I’m in a cleaning out mode today, there are multiple charts that are up for adoption this Sunday.  Some of these I have made, some were passed on to me by stitching friends back in the late 90s and I’ve decided I will never stitch them so they need to be adopted by someone else.  Same instructions as all the past adoptions and mailing addresses in US only please.

TheQuiltmakerFrom top to  bottom they are:

raspberry homecoming

Voice of the Shepherd20210307_5theharvest

The Quiltmaker – put the word Quiltmaker in a comment if you are interested in adopting this chart.

Second, is Raspberry Homecoming.  Put the word Raspberry.

Third is Voice of the Shepherd.  Put the word Shepherd.

Fourth is Schoolhouse Sampler.  Put the word Sampler.

Fifth is The Harvest.  Put the word Harvest.

Check back next Sunday to see who adopted these and find out what’s up next for adoption.  Some of the photos are a bit blurry due to the plastic above or below them. If you want to see better images you can Google the names of the patterns which are all Told in A Garden designs  except for The Quiltmaker which is Lavender & Lace.

Saturday Nite Stitching


I did get all my floss put away yesterday so that was a job well done since I had had some new floss come in recently that still needed sorting.  But rather than start on a new project last night, I picked up Farmhouse Christmas and got about half way done with Block #6 called Pinewood Farm.   I really do need to give that poor woman in the red dress her head!

I decided my next project is going to be Vintage Flowers.   I need to figure out  how big I want it to be – which will depend on what fabric I find to use.  I bought the floss when I got the pattern but know that they were out of a color or two so need to find substitutes in the stash for those colors.

vintage flowers

I love that big pot of flowers in the middle.

Sampler House III finished and framed

Sampler House III

It’s totally done and framed.  I knew I had two Mill Hill 6″ x 6″ frames.  One was a rusty reddish color — too rusty for this and the other navy which is absolutely perfect.  And the perfect size.  It’s laying at an angle so you cant see the top blue border line but it’s a perfect fit.  For this little project I just used the chipboard piece that came with the frame, double sided acid free tape to tape the excess fabric down on the back, and secured it in the frame.  I even cut a piece of cardstock to cover the back of the frame and wrote pattern name, my name date on it and used the double sided tape to secure it over the back.


These frames come with a little dowel that you can use to stand up the frame rather than hang on a wall.

I’m feeling very accomplished today — I placed a grocery order, cleaned out the fridge (groceries to be delivered between 6pm and 7pm (it’s 6:39 what I want for dinner is in that order ..aha! just as I typed that, a knock at the door and I can see my grocery bags sitting on the patio table … I’ll finish this after putting groceries away).

Okay – groceries stowed – so as to my feeling accomplished, trash and recycling were taken out, cleaned the bathroom, finished stitching the windows on Sampler House III and got it framed.  Not bad considering I’ve been an insomniac for about a week now with about 2 hrs sleep a night and actually slept in very late this morning so got started on chores much later than I had planned.

Now  my dilemma will  be what project to start stitching on next  – I think I already know what chart I want to start but I’ll go back to Dog Declaration as my stitching project for tonight or maybe Farmhouse Christmas.  And, I need to get my flosses put back on their rings in alphabetical order  before starting a new project.  (Yes, Denise, remember you told yourself you were going to do that before starting any new project – put away everything from the old.  Dang I hate it when I make those kinds of rules for myself!)  

And I also have to figure out what chart that I’ve already finished will be up for adoption tomorrow so check back then to see what I’ve chosen and to see who has adopted last week’s chart.


Raspberry Homecoming

A nearly finished framing….. and here you thought I was just going to continue finishing the stitching on pieces but never get them fully finished. 🙂

I do still need to find the glazier points to attach it into the back of the frame but it is all ready to go once I find which storage container I put them in.   And another gorgeous frame from Frame Club.  It’s 11 x 14 and I think 2-1/2″ wide or so – a very substantial frame.  I know I’ve posted about the frame club before but it has been an excellent savings for me on frames and all the frames have been so beautiful and excellently made.  This frame would have ben $96 if purchased outside of the frame club on their regular site, but I paid $31.   Just an FYI they do have a sale going on right now on the regular site – no affiliation, just a very happy customer.


And I have very nearly finished the Grand Old Flag stich I started on …hmmm I think last weekend but am too lazy to go look.   I have the tiniest bit of the border (I changed it from the dark brownish color to the blue) and then I just have to finish filling in the window panes – one full window done, seven to go.


Those sheep are just so cute and the stars in the trees of course appeal to the quilter in me.  That green behind the sheep  may be my new favorite green.  I had originally planned to turn this into a pin pillow or flat finish but I recently saw where someone had framed it and it was so cute.  I think I may have a little square frame that will fit this so will have to see if it is the right color or not and then decide how I will finish it.