Sunday April 4, 2021

It’s a lovely sunny warm day here – I just took a stroll outside and was surprised how warm it really was – almost 70 degrees.  The reason for going out – allegedly an Amazon delivery was made in the last half hour (I got the delivery email) and it never fails that when they don’t show a photo of the package sitting out side my door in the delivery email, that means they did NOT deliver it to MY door.  Apparently the Sunday driver has issues because I think this has happened on Sunday’s before.  So took some trash out and then checked the doors of my neighbors in my building and located it.  I always feel like a thief taking a box off someone else’s door stoop even if it is my name and address on it. 🙂

Happy Easter!  Here’s my little Easter display on my breakfast bar.


You will notice it is devoid of all the little pin keep pillows I’ve been cross stitching.

Yep – I didn’t get the sewing table cleaned off this week so didn’t want to make even more mess in there pushing things aside to be able to sew (plus I have some really pretty additional ribbons and rick rack trims I want to use on them that were delayed in shipping) so next year I’ll have them out – or give some of them as Easter gifts.

I did come across in my cleaning the little turquoise frame and stuck the bunny in the sweater in that temporarily but he won’t stay in that frame.


In my cleaning I also came across the reproduction vintage Easter postcards I had previously gotten – hmmm those were supposed to have been mailed before Easter — again, I’ll be prepared for next year.   I got  two of this one so I could keep one of them – it’s my favorite.  I love the design, the colors used in it and it’s all embossed so has great texture all over it.

My favorite thing in this display tho is Bunny Boy.   I think I’ve shown him before but he’s a vintage porcelain thimble holder.  It’s a little boy in his  knickers, knee socks and jacket and his bunny ears hat.  it doesn’t show up in my photo but there’s a bunny face on the part of the hat on top of his head too.   He has a basket strapped to his back for holding a thimble.


I decided on a new stitching project last night so set aside my Farmhouse Christmas for now.    It’s a small sampler stitched with just three colors and I love all the motifs in it and how they are short of spaced out.


Much like knitting where I always want to “knit one more row” or quilting where you want to make “just one more block,” these letters were so addictive in the alphabet and I wanted to stitch just one more letter…..and of course finished them all last night (or actually the wee hours of the morning – I have to stop staying up that late now that my vacation week is ending!)  This morning I stitched a bit on a couple of motifs.  I changed two of the colors.  It was supposed to be done all in Weeks Dye Works but of the three colors called for the only one I had in the stash was Oscar.  I love Oscar – it is one of my favorite shades of greenish sort of goldish color – and in some letters it looks more green and in other letters it looks more gold.  The other colors were supposed to be a darker green and a red but I changed the dark green to  Weeks Blue Jeans and the red to Gentle Arts Rose Garden.  The fabric I’m stitching on is 16 count Fog which has a very slight mottled tea dyed look to it so it’s not stark white.


Time to finish making the rest of what I want for my Easter dinner later.  I boiled the little red potatoes which should be cool enough to cut and finish making the German Potato Salad and I need to decide between Watergate Salad or Ambrosia – or a sort of combination of the two and get that mixed up.

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  1. I love your color choices much more than what’s shown in the pattern. It never dawned on me that I would be allowed to do that!

  2. How interesting about the missing letters in samplers. I’ve learned something new today. Thank you!! I know how you feel about retrieving your package from a neighbor’s steps. We have a neighbor who has not let us know we had a package at his house – twice now. And he was rude when we came to get them.

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