Powerless start to the day

Yesterday – the power blipped off twice in the morning – only about for 5 minutes each time.  After I reset the clocks that were flashing of course it went off the second time.  And when the power goes out of course so does my internet, computer, phone etc.  I was thinking to myself good thing I was on vacation because if I’d have been working from home I would have been irritated.

Today – I had started the coffee and sat down in my recliner to watch the morning news until the coffee was ready and I dozed off for a new minutes and woke to the tv off, light I had left on off……dang power was off again.  But double dang (and that’s not what I was saying to myself at the time!!) the recliner (which was reclined) is electric.  It has a battery backup for just such an emergency but apparently the batteries were dead.  Have you ever tried crawling out of a recliner when it is reclined?  Oh well, I managed to get out of it and decided that was a sure sign I should just get dressed and try to do a few things  – like pull out the track phone I have for emergencies and try calling the power company.   Luckily the coffee had finished so I had some hot coffee.   After I got dressed I did walk out to where the meters are on the outside of the building I’m in to make sure it was not just me that was out of power – but no meters were running and my neighbor said she had already reported the outage.   So decided to start straightening up a few things and of course every room I walked into, I turned on the light switch first!  DUH!!!!!  Not quite an hour later, as I was making a trip out to the dumpsters with some recycling, the power came back on.    

So the rest of the day until about 4:30 pm or so,  I played a game with myself in order to continue getting some cleaning done instead of stitching all day.  I would stitch one thread length worth of stitches on a project and then go do some task.  Clean the clutter off the counters, break down boxes to be recycled, do laundry, fold and put away clothes, load dishwasher, for example.  None of these tasks took a long time but it’s amazing how much you can get done in a short period of time (and I’m terrible about putting clothes away right after they are folded).  Then go back and stitch another thread worth.  You can make good progress on both decluttering and stitching that way.  🙂 

So – this is no April Fool’s joke – but the Farmhouse Christmas  block I intended to work on  in April should be finished tonight – before April 1!   I started working on it last night and thought I’d just do the fence and trees but I worked on the rest throughout today  and I just have about half the roof to finish – oh and a bird beak to add.

April block


Dog Lessons For People Stitching Finished


Quick snap – the stitching is finished except for adding the year and my initials.  I now have all the gifts stitched that I need between now and the end of November.  Now I just need to get two frames ordered and then I can go back to stitching on things I want for me – not that I haven’t been fitting in a few small items for me between all I’ve stitched so far.

Easter Peep Parade Stitch


Finished all the stitching on this one last night. Love the way the hand dyed floss looks in the rabbit rather than if I had just used a DMC solid color. The strawberries too are in a hand dyed floss so some of them look riper than others. This was stitched with 3 threads due to the dark Aida I used since I didn’t want the blue showing thru which it was with only 2 threads so it really used a lot of thread.

Dog Lessons for People

doglessonsforpeopleI can’t remember what day I started this project.  Looking at the blog, I had finished stitching on a prior project on March 21 so I’m guessing I started this that day or maybe the following day.  But in any event, I’m a little over halfway done with it. as of Saturday dinner time (now if someone would just make me dinner  it would be dinner time but I’m still debating what to make).

I just picked a bunch of colors I liked and am using them for whatever phrases I want.   Just about every line has two phrases on it so I started and did all the first halfs of those lines (so I didn’t have to shift my hoop as much).  I still need t finish part of the dog house but have started on the right side of the phrases.

If you follow friend Judy at Patchwork Times, she has previously made a project by the same designer called A Good Marriage similar in style with phrases and little motifs in between.


Here is where I am in the stitching at the moment.


My lighting is washing out the photo a bit on the left side.  As you an see more towards the right the fabric has darker speckled splotchy areas on it.  I love it and the interesting thing about this fabric is it is not hand dyed, it is printed Aida.  The back side is plain white and you can see that the selvage edge is also.  I kind of cut the name of the color off in the photo but it’s called Old Library Marble.


I’m going to put this one aside for a bit because just a few minutes ago my package was delivered that had some floss I had ordered to complete a prior project.  I had set aside an Easter project – bunny pulling a cart behind it shaped like an egg (you can see it on the March 14 blog post).  So I’m going to pick that one back up because I’d like to get that finished.   I’m hoping to get the Easter designs I have finished the stitch on stitched up into pillows and try out my lizard liter (ground walnut shells) for stuffing them.  In the package I got today was also interfacing I need to finish those off along with some additional rick rack in a couple colors and fun colorful buttons for embellishment.

Not much else going on around here other than stitching today – the last three days I’ve been sort of an insomniac so finally slept a bit later than normal today and, because I’m on vacation all next week I decided today was a day just to sit and stitch and watch scary movies — and it’s a gray, drippy rainy day so good weather to just sit and stitch.


Another Stitching Finish!


These smaller projects are like instant gratification.  I started this yesterday and finished it last night.  It’s stitched on a small piece (8″ x 10″) of 14 ct Vintage Smokey White Aida by Zwiegart. The fabric doesn’t show up well under the lighting I took the photo under but is as mottling in a sort of light blueish/gray.   I like the 8″ x 10″ pieces for trying out different colors/fabrics and the edges are serged on them so they arrive all neat and tidy.    The cross and words were supposed to be in two shades of gray DMC but when I went looking for floss I pulled one of my favorite shades of dark blueish tones in Weeks Dye Works  – Twilight – I love that color.  And the cross is done in  Dove which has lovely shading in it.   I’ve got some vacation time coming up so plan to stitch up the little pillows, etc that I’ve finished so far so hopefully will get the Easter ones completed before Easter.

Now the tough decision – what to start on next – I seem to be alternating gift things and then a little project for me so perhaps a gift item next.

The Friendship Tree Stitching Finished

friendshipstitched The Friendship Tree stitching got finished last night and I added the year and my initials to it this morning.   I was seriously wondering if I could really count in part of this because I got off but I just made it work.  I love this one – the colors (4 shades of green – I’m very partial to greens) and the symmetry of the tree.  Alas, it’s not for me and will be a gift and next step is ordering a frame.    I’m thinking about getting this same style frame – in a slightly different size –  that I ordered for a different project I finished,  unless something different catches my eye.  I really like the colors in this frame and it’s wide enough that it should stand on a bookshelf or table on it’s own without having to be hung on a wall.


I was looking around to see if there are any other things I need to order frames for at the moment and was looking at the “Mothers” stitch I had finished and added the buttons to.   I pulled out one of the styrofoam bricks I had and that stitch is just perfect for the size of precut bricks I have so that will be made into a Cube finish like Jack the Snowman was rather than being framed.  I may go searching the fabric shelves later today to find some fabric to use with that one.

It was about 11PM when I finished stitching Friendship and then thought – now what?   I didn’t really want to figure out a new project to start from scratch at that time of night, I still haven’t located the missing sweater pattern (so couldn’t knit on that but hopefully will locate its safe hiding place this weekend) so picked up Farmhouse Christmas and stitched on that a couple hours.   I added the last two lines of the gridding for the individual blocks and then made major progress on the red in the outer border.  Here’s my before and after pictures.

3-6-21 progress

The needle minder in this before photo is sitting where I had two lines of the light colored grid to add and just a bit over one side of the red border finished with only a few holly leaves added to the red border. 

I haven’t added any more of the holly leaves yet but as you can see in the after photo – I’m closing in on the finish of the red border.






As I’ve been thinking about what I want to start for a new project, I still have another gift item to stitch, although I can’t decide between two patterns which one I want to use for birthday gift and which for a Christmas gift,  so since I haven’t made that decision yet, why not start on another little Easter stitch! 🙂

So later today I’m going to pull some floss and fabric to start on this since I actually think I put the PDF I printed of it in a logical place.   And, the floss and a few other things I ordered at the Cross Stitch Supplies sale has arrived so I believe I added some colors in that order that I wanted to use for this.  Only two colors so I’m sure I can find something I like.

He is Risen

The Friendship Tree


I really am enjoying this stitch despite all its color changes and little bits here and there.  I started this three days ago and am in the home stretch.  I have the word Friendship to stitch at the top, those two floating heads on the bottom (hmmm maybe I’ve been watching too many paranormal ghosty shows! LOL) will get bodies attached.  And then’there is two thirds of the right half of the tree to add the darkest green to.  There’s three shades of green and I had to change my darkest color because it was too much like the medium green.  I think this is supposed to an apple tree since one of the ladies is holding a basket and another one has what looks like an apple w/ leaf in her hand.  I really like the symmetry of how the main branches are laid out.   I may also change the color of the words at the top to something a bit more exciting than the brownish color called for.  

I’m glad this is stitching up quickly – more time to get  the frame ordered and received and do the framing before having to send it off.  I was looking at my list of what projects I want to make for what gifts and not really knowing   how long the stitches would take I was thinking I might have too many projects planned.  But, I think I will be in good shape if I just work on them in the order needed sin.  Since making that list, one of the gifts I had planned to stitch has been removed from the deadline list and replaced by something I liked more for that person and it’s not something I need to make so after this one is finished, just one more to stitch and then the other items will be Holiday gifts- mostly the sled ornaments –  so I think it may work out.

Now if I could just find the instructions for the sweater I was working on, I could get back to working on that a bit.  About 2 weeks ago I cleaned up a table that had all kinds of pattern print outs on it.  I sorted and got rid of the ones I no longer needed and put the ones I was currently using in the elusive “safe place” which means I will need to stop looking for them because then they will show up somewhere. 🙂

Springing Ahead

I did remember to turn the clocks. The only reason I hate this time change is it takes away a precious hour of my weekend when I could be stitching or knitting or just doing something else.

I’m moving ahead too on my latest Easter themed stitch but it’s going to come to a stop soon. I’m stitching this on 14 count hand dyed Aida – it is sooo soft. But with the dark color two strands was not giving good coverage so I had to go to three strands which is not the way I would prefer to stitch but a small pattern. The only thing is, of course, that thread doesn’t last as long. That chocolate bunny is really eating up the floss so There was a sale this weekend at CrossStitchingSupplies.com so I added several of that color to my order. But here’s my progress so far. I need to see what color I pulled for the little egg cart he is pulling because I was looking for a color floss for a different project and couldn’t find it even tho I know I bought one — its in the same color family as I would have chosen for the egg so I think that’s where it is.


I spent a large majority of time yesterday afternoon organizing floss and putting it is bags broken down in number groups and putting the fancy flosses on rings in alphabetical order.  Since I had ordered more floss at the sale I wanted to at least get what I had here a bit more organized than all just tossed in a box.  As I was doing that, I was thinking about the next couple projects I want to make – one of which will be a gift and I decided better to get that done now since I don’t know if I want to frame it in a frame or finish it some other way so will need time to order a little frame (although I think it could fit in a standard size frame) once done.  So after I finished the organizing the floss and made my self a quick sandwich for dinner (since it was after 8PM and I was starving), I pulled the flosses I needed, substituting one or two that I didn’t have and got started on it.


This is the pattern I’m using.   I’m stitching it on 16ct Wren Aida by Picture This Plus.  It has slight mottling in it since it’s a hand dyed Aida.  And here’s my start on it last night.

FriendshipbyShakespearsPeddler My 

Under the word “Friendship” at the top there is a solidly filled in section of a light color but I don’t care for that so am just going to leave the background unstitched beneath the word.

My grocery order has been delivered and when I opened the door to grab it, it seems like a fairly nice day out but no sun – definitely overcast but so nice to open the door without that blast of frigid air. So now to get on to some laundry and other cleaning.   I think I will also make a batch of bar-b-que (sloppy joes to some of you) so that I have something more exciting to eat for lunch at the office.

Bunny Boy

The bunny is stitched – he doesn’t have his whiskers yet or maybe some backstitching or his sweater “fluffed” with the velcro but the main stitching is done.  I decided not to stitch in the background as the pattern called for.  I may frame this in a little frame like a portrait or may make it into an egg shaped little pillow – haven’t decided yet  and this weekend I’ll through the little box of frames to see if there is anything he will fit into or not. I love him.

bunnyboy So then during my lunch hour (since I was working from home today) I went digging through to find another Easter themed pattern.    I have two I want to finish and display for Easter this year so I want to get them all stitched before I start the finishing.

The one I’m going to work on next is Easter Peep Parade from With Thy Needle & Thread.

IEasterPeepParade - With Thy Needle and Thread

I love it on the dark brown fabric but don’t have anything that dark.   I also just pulled floss from my stash in similar colors since the pattern didn’t have a DMC conversion.  This is what I pulled for colors.  I was contemplating those two pieces of fabric under the pattern but I just found a piece of dark navy that I might use.  I need to figure out if it is big enough since it’s a small 14 count piece so will need to figure out how big it would end up.  If I go with the navy, I’ll make my rabbit more tan.


The other one I want to make is He Is Risen by Jenny Hoffman.

He is Risen

Country Rustic Primitives is an Etsy shop and it has lots of great patterns that are pdf file downloads.  There are color images included in the downloads (like the one shown here) along with the pattern.   I haven’t decided what colors of floss and thread I’ll use for this one – if I want it more subdued like shown or something with a bit more color to it.

New project

I finished the stitching of the little motif to go in the top of a  little trinket box.  Boy – I could not count correctly on this and unstitched as much as I stitched but its done.  The fabric is 18 count Floba in natural/oatmeal and I don’t know that I’d use it for regular cross stitch again.  It’s very loosely woven so the threads tend to move to the side if you pull your thread a bit too much making it look like a gap in your stitching.  I do have some snowmen that are stuffed that might work with this although I think I would use more than 2 strands of floss on it next time.

Anyway – here it is.


And since I was done with that I decided to start a little kit I had gotten which I think is about the cutest rabbit ever.  It’s kitted to be a Christmas card but I’m going to make a little Easter pin cushion out of it.  This obviously is a Wisconsin Wabbit because there are many Easters where winter coats and sweaters are worn due to snow still hanging about.


I may or may not put the background wintery scene in – haven’t decided yet – but definitely will leave off the words. But is that not the most adorable bunny in a sweater.


Here’s my start last night and I took it to work and stitched a bit on it there during my lunch.  The sweater is made with lana floss which is an acrylic/wool blend floss.  Once you stitch it you use a little bit of velcro (included in the kit) to sort of tamp up and down on the sweater area and it makes it a bit fuzzy like a sweater.  I have seen other people do sheep that way too.  Looking forward to trying that out.  And isn’t that a cute little hoop – it’s only about 4″ from end to end and the needle minder, which doesn’t really show up in the photo has a line of chocolate bunnies and says “Life Needs More Chocolate Bunnies”….so true,  so true. 🙂