More Frames

As I was doing some much needed tidying, breaking down of boxes and other things today I realized I had not opened the last box of frames I had gotten from CustomFrameSolutions.    When I got notification that it had been shipped, the notice was for two frames they had already sent me so when the box arrived I set it aside thinking they had sent duplicates and I would need to return them. Plus it was during the super cold weather so I always let any deliveries come to indoor room temp (instead of 10 below)  before messing with them.

I’m glad I didn’t just decide to return the box with out opening it – they just the wrong notification and once I fought my way through all the bubble wrap and shrink and cardboard (they really do wrap their frames exceedingly well for shipment), I found it was the last two that I had ordered.   You may remember I had originally ordered a black frame with some scrollwork on it for this first piece but I measured wrong and it was too large for the stitched piece — too much unstitched area outside the stitched border.


This one will be a perfect fit once the project is actually mounted and stretched a bit.  From the outside if you look at the side of the frame (not the front) it looks like a plain black very boxy frame – the sides are over an inch and a half wide.  But it has that lovely deep bevel of gold-greenish are with black speckles towards the inner edge.

It picks up the colors in the trees and grass and so nicely – I’m so very happy with this choice.     Maybe next weekend I’ll pull out my pins and other framing supplies and get this one in the frame.  This frame could also actually stand on a shelf or bookshelf, etc. since it’s so wide it will stand on it’s own.

The other frame was once I ordered because the first frame I got I had measured incorrectly and it was butting right up against the stitching with no plain border at all around it.  This is such a better fitting frame – it’s just sitting on top of the stitching and not actually framed yet.


Although you can’t tell it from this photo – my light is washing out the colors in the stitching because they are all rather dark colors —  but the frame brings out the browns in the borders and wording.

That little red heart in the bottom has the year in it that I finished the stitching — 1995.  After sitting in the closet for 20+ years, it deserves a lovely frame.


Rabbit Patch stitching finished

So much for my plans to switch back to stitching on Farmhouse Christmas this evening — which is now officially 5 minutes after midnight so that means I never got back to it.  But I was having so much fun stitching on Rabbit Patch and the stitching is now finished,  I did swear a bit while making that little tassel that’s around the bunny’s neck but finally managed to get my fingers and that little tassel to cooperate.   


I just picked some colors I liked, left off some parts of the design and added more of other parts. I used two shades of coral to do the little flowers or whatever the doodads (yes doodads covers many things) are supposed to be. Then I decided to try making some cording trim out of the floss so used the blue, brown and dark coral and used my fringe twister on them. Don’t know for sure if I’ll use it on this one since I need to decide if I want some cotton fabric to show on the bottom front or if I’ll just end it under the eggs (which I’ll attach later). I’ll have to stare at this for a while and go stare at the fabric stash to see what I might come up with.

Now to go put some stitches into Farmhouse Christmas.