February 27 Cross Stitching update and the Avocado Keeper Experiment Outcome

February 27 – gosh February has really flown by.   The frigid cold has left and it might get up to 40 today – our snow banks have been melting the past few days.

In addition to getting another 2″ or so knit on  my sweater sleeve, woodenboxfromstoneycreekI finished off all four blocks  on Wednesday night that will get attached to the sides  the sides of this wooden pencil box.

I used a couple of the called for colors but substituted most of them for different colors I liked.   I’m waiting for the last item I need  – some chip board and sticky board – haven’t decided which I will use to mount these to the wood.   Once I get the pieces all ready to attach to the wood, I’ll decide if I really want to paint the wood or not.  I’m not fond of painting things like this and I think the stitching will take up most of the space but will wait to see what I think and if I need to order paint.

prairieschooler-prairiechristmasThe four blocks I made were taken from this Prairie Schooler leaflet Book No.. .10, Prairie Christmas.  And they are stitched on 20 ct Aida.  The stitch count varies on some of them by 1 to 3 stitches so they are not all exactly the same size but will work just fine – they average about 2-1/4″.   I made the house that is in the 3 o’clock position except I made the trees a different style – one as originally designed and one a bit smaller, different style. and there’s supposed to be a crescent moon that I left off.  I made the camel but left off the stars in the background, the quilt design next to the camel, and the partridge in a pear tree.

20210227_1Then I decided to start a new Easter design for a small project which I will finish as a little stuffed pillow.   I love this giant leaping bunny — a chocolate bunny of course – mine is dark chocolate. 🙂

But I’ve made a few changes to this one.  Isn’t that carrot fabric on the bottom cute – it looks like flannel in the picture – but I’m not adding any carrots to mine.  That green scalloped part at the bottom of the stitched area is supposed to be grass with carrots growing out of it.  I had found some little wooden Easter eggs from The Bee Company.  (some of you may recall the Christmas trees I was embroidering and adding wooden buttons and charms to in the past — those wooden buttons also were made by The Bee Company – they do all kinds of wonderful little doodads for embellishing.)  Anyway when I saw those I knew I wanted to add them to an Easter stitch.  Then when I got this pattern, there are 6 eggs and  7 scallops on this design so perfect to put one egg between the scallops.  So I changed the “grass” to a bluish color that I had that was closest to the egg color and got the scalloped all stitched Thursday night, and last night I started on the bunny which I’m close to finishing.  It’s probably going to end up being a 8″ or 9″ long finished thing once sewn together (but won’t be square – mine will be rectangular) when all is said and done since I’m stitching it on 14 ct Raw Linen Aida by Zwiegart.


I will get back to working on Farmhouse Christmas later today and one of my long awaited Floss Packs for that ordered back in December, along with a little needle minder to match, HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED!!! So I don’t have to worry about running out of the Classic Colorworks floss I wanted to use.

And yes I know you’ve been waiting and wondering how my avocado keeper experiment went.   I got the avocado keeper from Amazon.  I wanted to be able to store half an avocado – I’m one person and if I cut an avocado for sandwich or salad I generally only use half of it and never had good results with any of the myriad of ways suggested to store them.  If it turns brown, I simply cannot use it. But after thinking about the fact that I have an onion keeper – that keeps cut into onions fresher longer and doesn’t let any onion odor escape into the fridge (and of course it’s shaped like a large onion so very cute), I decided to look for an avocado keeper.  IT WORKS!!   You of course place the cut side down against the base and it has a depression in it to accommodate the pit and because it lets little air onto the cut side it didn’t turn brown.   I meant to check it the next day but it was the second day when I remembered and it hadn’t turned brown.  I’m not looking to store them for longer than that – I just don’t want to have to eat a whole one in the same day.   So it was a very good buy and I bought a pack of two of them so will be sending the second one off to my Mom and Dad.


Now as for today – after refilling my coffee cup – I’ve got the kitchen to clean and then may head back into the sewing room to do a bit more rearranging in there – I keep getting side tracked from that task and do a little, then move on to something else – but eventually it will all get done.