2-21-21 Sunday Plans

It’s nearly noon and so far a few small tasks have been done – when was the last time I did laundry – I seem to have a bunch of it but then I don’t do it if I don’t have full loads but I seem to have full loads of everything I sort it into.  Brunch/lunch is nearly ready and I’ve found a couple new recipes I might want to try later this week. I’m getting bored with what I’ve been cooking (or heating up) although last night’s roast beef with carrots, potatoes and onions was very delicious.  I, who am not really a gravy girl — I don’t like a lot of sauces/gravies – made gravy and although it was not as good as my Mom’s – it was quite tasty.  But depending on how I feel about it a bit later, I may try some honey-dijon salmon and roasted parmesan asparagus — if maybe just those good roast leftovers.  Can you tell I’m hungry – everything sounds good.

I also may have to have an afternoon snack of guacamole because I decided I needed to eat more avocados – good for the cholesterol – but storing that half avocado no matter how many different ways I’ve tried it (and trust me I have tried them all) except for an avocado keeper.  I have an onion keeper which keeps cut onions fresh for so long and does not let the odor escape into your fridge so I’m interested in seeing how the avocado keeper I got works.  And since I got a spice pack for making guacamole, I may try might up just a bit with a half avocado to test both the spices and how well the keeper works.  Yes -that’s today’s exciting project — testing the avocado keeper.  🙂


I did make some progress on the camel block and the partridge block –but not all the blocks in this pattern are the same size.  First, I made the border for the camel block too small (my miscounting error) and then realized that at a glance all the patterns “seem” to line up above each other when printed out but some of them have slightly smaller grids which is not real obvious at first.  So, I need to figure out if the camel will fit on the box with the stitch count including the border.  But, I just have his blanket to finish.

After brunch I’m heading into the sewing room to start some reorganizing in there.  Now that the temps are not below zero, it’s not so cold to work in that room – it’s the coldest room in the apartment.