2-20-21 Saturday Stuff

It’s one of those days where I kept getting side tracked all morning with various things – other than what I had planned to do.  I was going to frame the Home for the Holidays stitch.  But first decided to load the dishwasher and start a load of laundry, discovered a load of towels still in the dryer that needed to be folded and put away, and a couple other little tasks like straighten out the spice cabinet because every time I went in there it seemed something fell out at me. LOL.  Then when I went to gather the framing supplies decided – no –  despite thinking I would just frame that project as is, even tho it was right against the top and bottom of the frame, when I looked at it again I  just couldn’t do it.  And my initial thought of removing a stich or two from the “H” would still make it look too small for the frame and just bug me whenever I looked at it.2-

So this frame is out of the running and back on the shelf (and will fit another upcoming project and be a perfect color for it)


and this is the frame below I’m going to use but there’s a bit too much blank space around the edges in this one so I spent part of the morning doing stitch counts and plotting out a simple border to go around it to balance it in the frame better – plus I get to use more of that variegated thread for the border which will look pretty.


(Ignore the mark on the left side of the frame – it has been wiped off after I saw it in the photo)  So back to stitching on this one later today  to get the border added and then get it framed.  And I need to find my tacky glue so I can put a dab on the back of teh snowman button and holly over the door so they don’t tilt and stay upright.

Last night I was really lazy – after finishing the outline for the second square to go on the pencil box, I discovered that the color the pattern stated for the main camel body is just not right.  It looks greenish gray and since I was too lazy to go pull out the container of floss and search for a new color to use for that, I decided to stitch the outline for the third pattern since I had the colors sitting right next to me.  The third one is the partridge block so I’ve got the border stitched, the branch the bird sits on and one shade of gold on all the pears added.


And that cross stitch package that I’ve been waiting for a month and a half for that was supposed to be delivered yesterday….. well, tracking says its in transit “but will be delayed.”  Sigh……….someday I will get that package…….