A little star block finished

Just a quick pic of the star block I finished this afternoon.  You may recall the blocks in this group I’m \making will go on the sides of a wooden pencil box when done.  One down, second one started (a camel).


I finished off the stitching for the second little Valentine’s Day stitch I wanted to make so it can to into the “finishing pile” which will entail some sewing but at the moment – hmmm – that sewing room is a disaster.  But I will possibly be working on that this weekend (reorganizing that room) since I’ve given myself a 3-day weekend and took a vacation day.  I’d like to move some stuff around on the shelving units and closet shelves so I can put all my cross stitch stuff in one area – frames and supplies together – instead of on a shelf here or there as it is now.


This stitch was supposed to end with that mauve-ish colored triangle border but it was so small on the stitch count I used I wanted to make it bigger.  Plus, I couldn’t decide if I wanted the arrows red or purple so made one of each and needed to use those two colors a bit more to balance out the design.  So I just made up some additional borders as I went. The fabric is

So I went back to stitching on Farmhouse Christmas and have made good progress.  And miracle of miracles, as I write this, I am awaiting delivery of one of the floss packs ordered (among other things in that order) back in December.   After two emails to the shop politely asking if they have any idea when it will ship (and the first response was apologizing and “I will get it in the mail right away”) followed by an email two weeks later asking if I might actually receive it before the end of February – that day it finally got shipped.  Clearly my idea of “mailing right away” is far different.   If I had been told (1) some of the things are out of stock or (2) due to Covid we are short staffed but I expect it to mail in x no. weeks (3) we are waiting for stuff from suppliers yet  or (4) we’re simply so far behind we don’t know — I would have been fine with those responses and tried to patiently wait.  But if you tell me “I’ll make sure its mailed right away” and I have to follow up again in 2 weeks because there’s been no shipping notice yet – well you won’t get repeat business from me.



So here is my first block finished for Farmhouse Christmas.  It’s block No. 5 called “Grandma’s Quilt.”   So my plan was to stitch one block a month but since I had a little more time I wanted to stitch last night and was too lazy to go get the other project I had started on, I decided since I still had some green thread left on my needle I’d stitch on the next block until I ran out of the green.

I also decided I didn’t want my blocks in the exact same order as all the other ones you see when they stitch it all as one – with #1 in the upper left and #9 block in the lower right.   So I think I may reverse that order – going 9 to 1 because  you know I like to be different. 🙂

So I started and finished the green on the two trees with green in them on Block 9, putting it in the first block space.  Block 9 is called Baa Baa Black Sheep  and yes, you might have guessed there will be black sheep in front of a barn on that block.


So I’ve added my finished Block to the Farmhouse Christmas Page  – which you will find listed in the top bar of the blog.  If you are stitching along with Judy and I and want me to add a photo of your block to that page to share with others, please email your FINISHED block photos (I’m only posting finished block images on that page not works in progress of partial blocks).

Today has started off as a lazy day – I’m still in my bathrobe and slippers and have been planning what I might want to do today.  I’ll be anxiously awaiting the delivery of that stitchy order, Amazon is also delivering this weekend some Reptile Terrarium Bedding – no I have no reptiles but the little cross stitch pillows (which I used to use plastic pellets to stuff to give them some weight and make them stay where put) these days (20 years later or more) are now stuffed with sawdust or ground walnuts to give them some heft to stand up when set on a shelf to display or in a basket. And I discovered the reptile bedding I ordered (there are many different kinds)  is actually 100%  ground walnuts  and if you order it as bedding (rather than ordering a a bag of ground walnuts) it is cheaper.  Hmmm that’s a bit crazy.   But then I will have the supplies necessary to start assembling pillows.   I may also work on framing one of the pieces I have done.