February 15, 2021

I made some good progress on my Valentine stitches yesterday.   I finished the stitching for the first one.   It gets some fabric and trim and buttons spelling LOVE added to it as shown yesterday, but the stitching is one on it. 

So last night I started on the other little one I had shown yesterday and will work on that in between Farmhouse Christmas when I want a change of pace but the other Valentine one should be pretty quick too.  

And, the frame I had ordered that I thought might work with my Home for the Holidays 2020 stitch – which I just ordered before really figuring out what fabric I wanted – arrived in the mail today.   The color of it is exactly what I wanted – sort of a rust rather than red – and it’s a bit tight (because I had messed up and had to fudge some placement).  It fits in the frame from top to bottom with no margin around it.  I think I’m just going to use it because it’s just a seasonal thing and because it also sums of 2020 – where everything just wasn’t right. 🙂   I also got the two snowmen buttons and the holly over the door sewn on last night.  I need to add a dab of glue under the holly because the holes in the button are off kilter and it wants to tilt but otherwise this one is ready to get framed.  And actually I may pick out a stitch or two of the “H” in Home  so it doesn’t butt right to the edge of the frame and look like it’s hidden underneath.  I do so love that variegated thread in the words.